Nettle tea for urinary tract infections
Nettle tea for urinary tract infections

Just one cup of nettle tea a day and you wash out toxins and boost fat burning? Everything about the wonderful slimming tea.

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The miracle tea for your figure!
The miracle tea for your figure!

No, we don't want to excessively increase your expectations now. It is not enough to drink a little tea and you will be slim in your sleep, you can do whatever you want and you never have to drag your sluggish body to the gym.

There are no absolute miracles, especially when it comes to shedding a few kilos. But there is this tea that is great for helping you lose weight. If you look up the herb lexicon, you will learn that nettle stimulates fat burning and digestion, frees your body of toxins and deposits and gives you additional energy.


You can get everything you need for slimming tea in a well-stocked supermarket or at the weekly market at your trusted greengrocer: ginger, lemongrass and nettle. Then simply pour boiling water over the whole thing and you've got your miracle cure!

Why does nettle tea help you lose weight?

There are of course the ingredients:


Ginger. Ginger, like chili, is a great fat killer. He heats up properly! In addition, ginger increases the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and brings movement to the intestinal peristalsis. In short: your digestion is stimulated.


Nettle. The green leaves of the nettle have a dehydrating, purifying effect and stimulate the fat metabolism. In addition, the nettle leaves work against inflammation and relieve pain. If you have problems with your intestines, stomach or hemorrhoids, you should sip the nettle tea.


Lemongrass. The stems strengthen the immune system and allow the body to regenerate overnight. The tissue firming properties help fight cellulite!

How to prepare the slimming tea:

Pour 20 grams of ginger (peeled and grated), 10 grams of nettle (available in the pharmacy, for example) and 40 grams of lemongrass with 150 ml of hot water. Let the mixture stand for about eight minutes, then you can strain it through a sieve. Enjoy warm before going to bed!

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