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Big bust? You should get these 5 summer tops
Big bust? You should get these 5 summer tops

Just find an airy top for the hot summer day - it can't be that difficult, even with large breasts! Don't worry, we have tips!

big breast
big breast

Just leave out the bra? Women with large breasts secretly harbor this wishful thinking. But despite the hot temperatures, only a few will really give in and leave the house without a bra. But then the question remains: Which summery, light and airy tops can I wear over my bra without sacrificing style? In addition, not all women want their cleavage to be in the foreground. Sometimes you just want to wear something comfortable that is neither sexy nor provocative.

And these are the perfect cuts:

Tank tops with square neckline:

Heart-shaped, angular or asymmetrical cutouts draw the eye to the cleavage, but optically stretch the upper body so that the look is elegant and not "cheap".

Transparent tops:

Fancy a little sexy? Combine a see-through blouse with a nice bra or short sports top. You show skin, but again you don't.

Wrap tops:

Nothing accentuates your bosom better than a wrap top. First of all, you can use it to wrap the top as tightly or as far as you want. And secondly, it has a V-neckline, which visually stretches the neck area and thus accentuates the bust.

Adjustable tops:

Women with large breasts love everything that can be adjusted according to their own preferences. The same goes for tops that have to be laced at the front. Incidentally, that distracts from the bosom itself!

High-cut spaghetti shirts:

Who says you can't wear spaghetti tops with a big bust? But it is best to choose those that are cut very high or that only have a small V-neck.

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