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The 6 best outfits from the Netflix series 'Love'
The 6 best outfits from the Netflix series 'Love'

Main character Mickey Dobbs is the coolest normal series character with the best outfits! If you haven't seen 'Love' yet, see this list as an official recommendation!

LOVE the best outfits
LOVE the best outfits

They love each other, mostly. This is how you could describe Love, an original Netflix series, in a nutshell. It's about Mickey Dobbs (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus Cruikshank (Paul Rust), who happened to meet one another in Los Angeles one fine day. Their paths cross over and over again, at first rather subconsciously, later they really approach each other. And that's not a spoiler! Because the focus of the developers Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust is on the harmony between the two main characters and not necessarily on a tense story.

Love in a roundabout way

Gillian Jacobs, who is known from the American series Community, plays Mickey with infinite soulfulness and conviction. She grows pretty dear to your heart after the first few episodes, so the breakup pain after season 2 is even worse. No, the series is fortunately not over yet, but as always you have to wait for the next season (the 3rd was commissioned by Netflix, thank god!). And besides her personality, of course, we are impressed by her absolutely casual clothing style. She is a thoroughbred Cali girl, which should actually be considered the American equivalent of French casual chic! Short skirts, edgy ankle boots and, above all, a lot of silver rings determine Mickey's wardrobe. The following looks prove that she is one of the coolest normal series characters out there right now:


Red swimsuit Love - Wonderful station wagon and that in the first episode !! Unfortunately not for women with larger breasts (at least not with such a low-cut swimsuit), but a really cool opportunity to continue wearing swimwear after the summer.


Boyfriend Shirt Love - Her signature look: casual shirt with print, short skirt, silver rings and her beloved, punk ankle boots, which she wears in almost every episode.


All Black Everything Love - Business look à la Mickey: Who would have thought that almost knee-length shorts could be combined so coolly? At the same time, it is really worth striving to look as if you are putting everyone in your pocket at a super serious meeting.


Denim mini skirt Love - This type of flared miniskirt, reminiscent of the 1970s, is right in this year. As always, it simply combines the pieces, but that makes it all the more casual.


Dungarees Love - The classic dungarees by Carhartt are certainly a piece of clothing that takes a bit of courage, especially in the garish brown color that Mickey wears. Nevertheless, it can be an it-piece that enhances your own wardrobe a lot, because you don't have to combine it to death. Dungarees pulled over a simple shirt, hoop earrings in, done!


Slip Dress Love - My personal favorite look! First, because Mickey the dark lipstick looks great. And second, because she comes across as sexy and cool at the same time in the outfit. It is the perfect outfit for women who are not into typically feminine dresses, but who also want to dress up a 'feminine' one from time to time.

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