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How to eat lots of chocolate without ruining your teeth
How to eat lots of chocolate without ruining your teeth

We LOVE chocolate! Or anything sweet at all! But unfortunately tooth decay loves them as well and if you eat a lot of sweet things you risk painful holes in your teeth. Unless you pay attention to these three points!

How to eat chocolate without ruining your teeth
How to eat chocolate without ruining your teeth

Healthy teeth are also possible for chocolate lovers. Hallelujah! And this sentence does not come from us, but from a man who has to know and who has to pay for the consequences of enjoying chocolate: dentist Sebastian Rudolph.

The expert in tooth preservation gave us three important dental care tips so that a dessert orgy has no consequences for the teeth. To do this, it is also important to understand what sugar actually does to our teeth. Because sugar lowers the pH value in the mouth to the acidic range. The resulting acids then attack the tooth enamel. And that is exactly what must be prevented. Through these "tricks":

Healthy teeth despite chocolate: drink regularly

Whether chocolate, a strawberry or a gummy bear: Drinking afterwards helps our teeth. Because water or unsweetened tea wash leftover food, acids and bacteria out of the mouth. In this way the pH value can recover more quickly and the tooth enamel is not attacked.

Healthy teeth despite chocolate: take breaks from eating

It is best for your teeth to have a two to three hour break between meals. Especially when it comes to sweet snacks. From eight meals a day, there is a permanent acidic environment in the oral cavity, which means that tooth decay forms particularly quickly. And be careful: even sweet drinks such as cola, milk coffee and alcoholic drinks are considered meals that change the pH value in the mouth.

Healthy teeth despite chocolate: clean interdental spaces

Brushing your teeth regularly helps your teeth keep tooth structure healthy. But you should definitely pay attention to the cleaning of the interdental spaces. The reason: 95 percent of all caries occur in the space between the teeth. It is therefore particularly important to use dental floss and / or interdental brushes in addition to normal teeth brushing. "Caring for the spaces between the teeth is almost more important than normal brushing," explains Rudolph. "Because if you manage to remove all bacteria there, you no longer have to worry about tooth decay."

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