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Proven: blondes are more successful
Proven: blondes are more successful

We don't want to admit it, but according to this study, hair color is one of the decisive factors for success at work. Which coloration promises higher career opportunities.

Proven: Women with this hair color are more successful
Proven: Women with this hair color are more successful

Is the world really that simple? We don't want to admit it. But apparently, hair color actually plays a role in career planning. Because a new study shows: blondes are more successful at work. And that's not a cliché.

Blondes are more successful

Blonde people, at least those who are naturally blonde, are a real minority. It is estimated that they only make up around two percent of the total population (most of them live in Europe and Scandinavia, by the way).

But research by two professors from the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business in Vancouver Canada showed that the majority of women in high management positions are clearly blonde.

Hola! Is there a connection?

Professors Jennifer Berdahl and Natalya Alonso wanted to know more and carried out a street survey among 100 passers-by. They showed them photos of a brunette and a blonde woman. The participants were asked to rate how they rate the competence, attractiveness and independence of women.

The conclusion of the researchers: The career advancement is easier for blondes than brunettes. Because even if you do not trust them so much at first, they are granted greater self-confidence. And with it more assertiveness in matters of career.

This thesis is also supported by a survey by Nottingham Trent University. They were able to prove that women who dyed their hair blonde become more self-confident and courageous - both in terms of their love life and assertiveness at work. Blonde women were more likely to have the courage to ask for a raise and to complain about unfair treatment. A majority of the women surveyed also stated that they feel more attractive and sexually more attractive.

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