Katherine Heigl: My marriage chaos
Katherine Heigl: My marriage chaos

Only in the film is she unlucky in love. In her private life, Hollywood sunshine Katherine Heigl still feels "newly married" after five years.

Katherine Heigl backstage at the J. Mendel Show in New York
Katherine Heigl backstage at the J. Mendel Show in New York

This is the stuff that the summer comedies are made of: Because the natural - very conservative - mother of the groom is arriving, his divorced adoptive parents Don & Ellie have to play intimate marriage. Annoying for Don's lover, who is also Ellie's best friend. Other family members in The Big Wedding (in theaters since today) also have troubles. For example Lyla, who suffers from separation pain - in contrast to her actress Katherine Heigl, 34: She is happy with her husband, singer Josh Kelley, and adoptive daughters Naleigh, 4, and Adelaide, 1.

Interview with Katherine Heigl:

WOMAN: You play a woman whose marriage is broken. How does it look there privately?

Katherine Heigl: There is only one problem: how can we spend time together? He's often on tour, I go on filming. He has now developed a remarkable ability to jump on a bus between two concerts and visit us.

WOMAN: And vice versa?

Heigl: I tried that with the bus and don't think it's that great (laughs). I try to avoid …

WOMAN: Do you divide the jobs so that someone is always at home with the babies?

Heigl: It would be nice! I'm a great planner and would have come up with it that way. But our jobs are just too arbitrary, you never know what chance will come next. It would be pretty unfair if he was offered a big gala and couldn't perform because his "turn" was right now.

WOMAN: So how is your married life going?

Heigl: Chaotic! I have the little ones with me everywhere and of course we also have a nanny. When we feel like having sex, we have to tell her, "Hey, are you going to go out tonight so we don't have to bite the pillow?"

WOMAN: Still asterisks in your eyes?

Heigl: This first crackle goes out of course, there is nothing you can do about it. Today I just feel good and in good hands in his presence. Sure, sometimes I could kill him, but thank god he's going on tour (laughs). For me it is romantic when I cook for him, do his laundry … I know that sounds a lot like a 50s housewife. But of course I don't always do that. If I were at home seven days a week, I would probably find it less exciting.

WOMAN: A particularly romantic moment that you remember?

Heigl: A few days ago after lunch. I knitted, which I find very meditative, my husband recorded a song, my babies slept, everything was so peaceful and I felt the energy of these people around me. It didn't take long because Naleigh woke up. She has a pretty big mouth.

WOMAN: They adopted another girl, Adelaide, after her in 2012 …

Heigl: Yes! We actually wanted to adopt internationally again - Naleigh is from Korea - a long process. But the waiting lists were endless, so we were interested in domestic adoption, where you get to know the mother as a pregnant woman. We received a call: "A birth is in four weeks, the mother agrees."

WOMAN: Did you have to make a quick decision?

Heigl: Josh was horrified at first: "You mean, we will have a newborn in four weeks?" He thought we would have a ten-month-old baby in a few years. I persuaded him: "The timing is great! We both have nothing to do at the moment!”That was really a lucky coincidence. And a very happy time that the four of us then spent …

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