The bra that detects breast cancer in you
The bra that detects breast cancer in you

EVA is the name of a very simple, pink bra that wants to save lives. Because breast cancer can only be detected early and effectively by wearing it.

The bra that detects breast cancer in you
The bra that detects breast cancer in you

It's the bogeyman that lingers in the back of our heads: cancer. Breast cancer in particular - after all, the most common type of cancer in women. More women die from breast cancer than from any other cancer. This is often due to the fact that the disease is diagnosed too late.

But now a new technology is to come onto the market that should give many more women the chance to discover breast cancer at a very early stage and thus massively increase the chances of recovery.

And we can also incorporate the invention into our everyday lives every day: Because it's a bra. But it is not just ironing, but highly sensitive technology: sensors can examine and analyze the surface of the breast and its surroundings based on tissue, temperature and color.

So the breast should only be checked regularly by wearing the bra and any changes identified at an early stage so that they can then be clarified by a professional, medical partner.

The Mexican company Higia Technologies is presenting the idea online under the name EVA and is now planning to actually implement the perhaps life-saving bra thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Behind it is, among others, the 18-year-old Julián Ríos Cantú, whose mother lost the battle against breast cancer. Therefore he set himself the goal that there must be a way to spare other women this fate. And we are more than excited to see when EVA will actually be on the market and whether it will really achieve its goal. You can find out more about this on the website.

Still, you should never rely on a product's diagnosis. Mammography and ultrasound are the only reliable methods for early detection! By palpating your chest regularly, you can feel any existing lumps.

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