6 reasons I can't stand Christmas
6 reasons I can't stand Christmas

If you are annoyed by the first few seconds of a Christmas song and the "Festival of Love" only means stress for you, you are probably just like our editor.

6 reasons I can't stand Christmas
6 reasons I can't stand Christmas

Before I come out as the Grinch, I just want to say one thing: The Grinch didn't hate Christmas, but the people. For me the whole concept is somehow inconsistent. Sure, a few lights may cheer up our minds, but you can't really enjoy this "contemplative" time. Be honest: Christmas time is sometimes the most stressful of the year. But that's not all … Here's a quick breakdown of the reasons I don't like Christmas - and you may not either:

"That has to be finished before Christmas": In many professions, the end of the year is a damn stressful time. Before the entire workforce can take their well-deserved Christmas vacation, there is still a lot to do. And that creates a lot of stress, because …

THE GIFTS! And everything in general. The Christmas dinner needs to be prepared, the presents packed and the apartment cleaned. Sure, you could "start a little earlier this year" with everything. But those who always feel stress in the last few minutes will do it again this year and next year and do everything at the last minute. And…

The mood falls: Do you live in a family that tends to be tense at Christmas than having fun putting cookies in your mouths together? Many families have arguments, stress and tension, especially at Christmas time. Actually you want to get on well, but the more you try, the more it backfires.

The end of the year depressed: Although everything is a matter of opinion and we should try to stay positive, at the end of the year you will be confronted with the things that you * don't * have. Especially at Christmas you tend to see everything a little more dramatic than it probably is.

Christmas music: I'm sorry, but am I the only one who doesn't like the tinkling of the sleigh bells, the choir singing, or Mariah Carey?

Christmas mood? It only comes up when I sit really relaxed in front of the tree and open my present. But only because I know that the worst is over now and won't be an issue for the next 365 days.

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