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5 mistakes we all make when baking cookies - says grandma
5 mistakes we all make when baking cookies - says grandma

You stand there with a cut rolling pin, your hands full of flour, your grandma on the cell phone - there are some mishaps when baking biscuits that can be avoided.

5 mistakes we all make when baking cookies - says grandma!
5 mistakes we all make when baking cookies - says grandma!

The cookie dough cannot be rolled out, is "picky", the gingerbread is rock-hard and the glaze is unusable: a lot can go wrong when baking cookies at Christmas. We gave our grandmothers the ultimate tips and discovered a few mistakes where we all fail and harmonious (and above all successful) cookie baking is a long way off.

1. You don't put apple wedges on the gingerbread

Gingerbread should actually be soft as butter. The sad reality, however, is that after baking, the cookies are actually always too hard to devour right away. First of all, you should never close the biscuit jar so completely, after all, a little humidity is allowed with the gingerbread to make it softer. If you add a few apple wedges, your biscuits will turn into a fluffy, soft gingerbread dream.

2. You buy grated nuts

For really good vanilla crescents or other pastries with nuts, these should always be freshly grated. The difference is clearly noticeable in taste and consistency. Unfortunately, we cannot relieve you of this work step. But someone else! You can read more about this here.

3. The biscuits have been in the oven too long

Yes, you are right, they should be golden yellow, but that doesn't mean that you have to leave the biscuits in the oven until the last minute. They actually darken a little on the sheet metal. So take it out of the oven early enough!

4. The glaze mess

Heating the glaze in the micro is a difficult thing. If the water bath is too laborious for you, try the oven: Simply set it to 50 degrees and let the ingredients melt (stir occasionally). Tip: add a little coconut oil, this ensures the right shine!

5. You don't let the dough cool down

All the ingredients are mixed together, the butter was room temperature and now you want to roll out and cut out? Take a little time and first put the dough in the refrigerator. After that, cutting out is much easier. In an emergency, you can roll out shortcrust pastry between two frozen bags, for example. So the taste is not lost by all the flour.

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