Anti-stress strategies
Anti-stress strategies

Take a few minutes to do these simple exercises, making yourself as comfortable as possible. Pay attention to an upright posture! In this way the breath can flow well.

Anti-stress strategies
Anti-stress strategies

Count breath

Close your eyes. Count from one to ten on the inhale and count down from ten to one on the exhale. This increases the time you breathe and lets you become calmer. 5 repetitions.


Fragrance breathing

Grasp the bridge of the nose with your thumb and forefinger. Slowly stroke the bridge of the nose several times (approx. 10 times). Then pause and breathe as if you were consciously absorbing a scent.


Finger breathing

Sit upright. Press fingertips together for ten seconds, the pressure area should be as large as possible. Repeat the exercise several times (approx. 3 times).



Firmly press the thumb of your left hand into the center of the palm of your right hand. At the same time, apply counter pressure on the back of the hand with the index finger of the left hand. 3 times per hand.


Spread your fingers

Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart. Make sure you have both legs well grounded on the floor. Then hold your arms in front of your body. Clench your hands tightly into fists. After a few seconds, let go again and, as a countermovement, spread your fingers wide apart. This alternation of tension and relaxation of the fingers and arms makes the entire body looser. At least 5 times.

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