7 tips against throat irritation
7 tips against throat irritation

Your throat is scratchy, your airways are irritated. We'll tell you seven tips and the best home remedies to relieve the excruciating urge to cough.

7 tips against throat irritation
7 tips against throat irritation

Correct humidity. The all-rounder when it comes to an urge to cough. The bedroom is particularly important: a value between 45 and 60 percent relative humidity is ideal here.


Cough tea. Can be bought ready-made in pharmacies. But you can also make it yourself from sage, thyme, peppermint and ribwort.


Cough Syrup. For stubborn dry coughs or chronic bronchitis, it is best to combine cough syrups with proven medicinal plants such as ivy, thyme and liquorice root. The optimal expectorant for coughs!


Home remedies. Rub the chest and back with goose lard and wrap with a pot cloth. Or make a chest wrap from a towel soaked in lemon juice. Warm milk with honey, alternatively with onion juice or grated horseradish (horseradish). Moisten the mucous membranes by inhaling or gargling with a saline solution (1 teaspoon of salt per liter of water).


Tap your chest. Knock the affected partner about four times from bottom to top, once each time on the right and left. That loosens the mucus.


Breathe properly. If you take a slower, deeper breath, you can relieve the pressure on your mucous membranes.


Cough "tenderly". If you have a dry cough, form a fist with your left hand and cough gently into it. The cheeks shouldn't puff up. This way, the bronchi do not collide so strongly when you cough.

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