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Dress code for wedding guests
Dress code for wedding guests

The invitation to the wedding is on the table, the anticipation increases every day! But what do you wear as a guest, best man or mother of the bride? Because "all in white and most beautiful" is reserved for the bride. We reveal what is fashionable today and what is not …

Bridal couple
Bridal couple


Maid of honor. Without a prescribed dress code, knee-length dresses are a safe choice. For weddings after 3 p.m., you can also appear floor-length. In terms of color, everything is allowed except black, red & white. The maid of honor's bag should be small enough to look elegant, but also large enough to offer space for the bride's SOS package (blister plasters, handkerchiefs, powder, etc.). Headdresses are allowed - but you shouldn't steal the show from the bride!

Best man. A dark suit is a must. It can be upgraded with a vest under the jacket. The best man should never be more elegant than the groom and the bride's father! The single-colored tie is ideally matched in color to the maid of honor.


Mother. After the bride, the mother of the bride should traditionally be the most elegant lady at the wedding. A stylish dress that is neither too sexy nor too flashy or a costume is ideal. That certain something can be given to the outfit with a chic hat or gloves. Strictly speaking, closed-toe shoes and tights should be worn.

Father. A festive, dark suit - with or without a vest - is a must. The ideal shirt for a worthy appearance is pure white with a double cuff and cufflinks. The same applies here: after the groom, the bride's father should be the most elegant gentleman at the party. A handkerchief and a silver tie provide extra elegance.


Ladies. The dress should be festive, but by no means too sexy. A classic, not too deeply decollete cut, a simple design and a subtle color are best. The same applies here: Avoid white, black & red. Knee-length dresses are ideal, for younger guests it can also be a little shorter. Heels or flats: Both are possible - the main thing is that it is classy and matches the outfit. Apart from sneakers, booties and boots, everything is allowed.

Men's. A suit in black, anthracite or dark blue is appropriate. Guests don't have to wear a vest under their jacket! Men are best advised to wear a pure white shirt, but light blue also works well. Short sleeves are an absolute no-go at weddings! Black, polished smooth leather shoes are essential.

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