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Helene Fischer Show: mean allusions to Florian Silbereisen?
Helene Fischer Show: mean allusions to Florian Silbereisen?

At her show on December 25th, Helene Fischer put Florian Silbereisen's humor to the test with her allusions to the separation. Did that have to be?

Helene Fischer Show - Secret messages to Florian Silbereisen?
Helene Fischer Show - Secret messages to Florian Silbereisen?

"In the 180-minute 'Helene Fischer Show' broadcast by ZDF on Christmas Day, viewers can look forward to a varied program of lots of music, spectacular artistry, surprising duets and special productions," said the press release from ZDF. This year, the television audience expected a lot more from the kitschy Schlager star of the Christmas program: Helene Fischer's first appearance since her separation from folk musician Florian Silbereisen.

And what did we stare at the television with anticipation: is one of the artists your newcomer? According to Silbereisen it should be about the acrobat and dancer Thomas Seitel … And anyway:. Will there be tears Helene Fischer comments on the separation from long-term friend Florian Silbereisen. What songs will she sing? Is she hiding secret messages in it to her exes and to us, the audience?

Speculation about secret messages to Florian Silbereisen

We can answer one question in advance: The show was not live, but was recorded by Silbereisen and Fischer before the official end of the relationship - on December 7th and 8th. A really direct reference to the separation of the two was not possible, as the public was not informed until December 19.

That the end of the relationship was already sealed at the time of the admission is leaked by a few of the pop star's sagas. And we honestly ask ourselves: Did that have to be?

More about this in the video:

Helene Fischer Show: Was one of the acrobats your new one?

On Christmas Day, millions of viewers were sitting in front of the television when Helene Fischer's annual Christmas show was broadcast. But this year everything was different, because just a few days before the show, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen announced their separation.

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