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Anniversary week: 500th episode "Shopping Queen"
Anniversary week: 500th episode "Shopping Queen"

We'll reveal exciting facts about the show, Guido Maria Kretschmer's best sayings and a few private insights from the star designer.

500th episode Shopping Queen
500th episode Shopping Queen

What could be nicer than seeing Guido Maria Kretschmer etching? This is probably what several people think and therefore the styling show is now celebrating its 500th episode. In the week from September 8th to 12th at 3 pm, the 500th episode “Shopping Queen” can be admired - including numerous highlights. In Düsseldorf, five candidates with an exceptional 1,000 euros of shopping money will go under the motto “Cheers, hustle and bustle, designer piece! Create the perfect look for the leather jacket from my collection!”In the fashion competition.

Reason enough for us to collect some information about the show and to ask Guido for an interview:

Guido's best sayings:

  • "She looks like a woman who lost her group on a coffee trip."
  • And that should make a designer happy when she comes with a knotted cardigan? So are you still okay? "
  • "She'll never get pregnant again in that thing!"
  • "Where brute force is senseless, no button can hold the blouse!"
  • "She hasn't tasted Vogue either."
  • “You never get to know a man in a dress like that. Nobody will ever really want that. She looks like a gallery owner whose gallery isn't running. "

Facts and figures on the 500th episode "Shopping Queen":

  • 35 years old: The average “shopping queen” candidate who has a 98 square meter apartment, a monthly shopping budget of 275 euros, is in size 38 and is 1.68 m tall.
  • 5 winners: Was there a poem in the Essen group with the motto “Layer by layer! Dress in a layered look”- each candidate won with 34 points.
  • 49 points: Ute U. from Frankfurt received the highest number of points so far, closely followed by Rosemarie from Bonn with 47 points.
  • 10 points: Guido Maria Kretschmer gave the top grade five times. And once the star designer even pulled out the 0-point card.
  • 2: Number of marriage proposals that were made during the broadcast. And both times the women asked said “yes”.

Interview with Guido:

WOMAN: Do you remember the most beautiful moment in 500 episodes of "Shopping Queen"?

Guido: There was a moment on the first live walk. That's when I came out and felt such a warmth. I thought, "I'm so glad I'm doing this program". I had this slightly familiar feeling of: “I feel good about what I'm doing here.” That was a very nice moment for me. I've never said that to anyone before - it was really very special! There were also many moments when I felt like I had the chance to explain fashion differently. I don't want it to be said: “At some point a successful designer loses contact with people”. And there were candidates who moved me to tears. Sometimes I sat for hours at home and thought: "Man, she sticks to me like Pattex now." - Your story, how they were happy, how they won with us. I also think it's great how much courage some people have.

WOMAN: What do you think of the Shopping Queen concept?

Guido: I think “Shopping Queen” is more than just a styling show. This is not about running around with 500 euros and looking for something according to the motto. People present themselves with their lives. With us, women who supposedly have nothing but taste can win. They may not have a great apartment and 500 euros is a lot of money for them. I also think it's great that I'm not told what to say. So I can always make sure that our candidates enjoy the show and not only show fashion, but also their lives. And I think that you have to be respectful when people present themselves on television. I believe that it takes respect when people say: "Hello, I'm going to run and show myself on TV". In many moments, sometimes with humor, I try to point out that life is more. For example, strolling can sometimes be just as fun as shopping. These are all things that I have learned through “Shopping Queen” and that have influenced my life, I have to be very clear

WOMAN: Would you have thought that the show would one day be so successful?

Guido: No, I didn't think so. I don't think so success-oriented either. I am someone who is very much in the now. I'm very closely related to things that I think make sense. If I did something today, I would never close my eyes without first thinking: "What was useful today and what was not useful?" When I was in bed in the evening after my first shoot of “Shopping Queen”, I knew that it could work. And it was a great pleasure when I looked at the quota and realized: "Oh God, it really works - it works!".

WOMAN: What would your career have been like if you hadn't started out in the media or fashion world?

Guido: I could have done many other things. I might have made a good doctor because I am empathetic and because I love anatomy very much. I like humans. Maybe I would have become a good psychologist too. Or a good pastry chef - because I can bake very well and decorate nicely. I would probably have made a good family man too, if things had gone differently. I might have six children and I would take them to macrame classes. It could have been a lot. But I was just a textile child. I always had cloth between my hands. My mother always said: "Guido is an intellectual with a needle and thread in hand".

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