Shitstorm: We didn't expect that from Guido Maria Kretschmer
Shitstorm: We didn't expect that from Guido Maria Kretschmer

We would not have expected that from Guido Maria Kretschmer: Although the designer repeatedly comments snappy for Shopping Queen, he is still charmingly packaged. For an OTTO advertisement, however, he delivers pure bodyshaming.

Guido Maria Kretschmer
Guido Maria Kretschmer

Some (okay, a few) companies present the diversity of the female body in their advertising in order to finally set an example against the unrealistic cult of beauty and thus free us women from the pressure of having to look perfect all the time. Last year, H&M even showed women off model dimensions in one of its promotional videos. But the mail order company OTTO is moving in the opposite direction with its current clip.

In it, a young woman in her new dress examines herself in the mirror and asks expectantly the question "How do I look?" The answer comes from the popular fashion designer and "Shopping Queen" juror Guido Maria Kretschmer himself: "Oh, you're beautiful in that dress. But the two wire-haired dachshunds, I'd rather leave them at home!" and points to his armpits.

Because what a faux pas: the lady didn't shave her armpits! That has to be covered immediately with a jacket - of course also from the Otto collection.

And this shows the unfortunately clear message: natural armpit hair is undesirable and unaesthetic. Women kindly have to shave themselves smoothly or at least hide their hair. Ideally, body hair on women - apart from the scalp - should not take place at all in public. And we would have thought we would be a bit further and more relaxed in 2017 …

Here you can see the entire clip:

But the consequences were not long in coming: because declaring something completely normal and natural as undesirable caused a flood of angry comments on the company and also on Guido Maria Kretschmer in the social networks: "You have to be in the Advertising condemn normal body hair ?! ", It's a shame that you got involved in such stupid, sexist advertising. Women (and also every other person) can have hair where they_he likes. "Or" RADIOUS and RESPECTLESS to put a person down for his naturally given body. "Are only a selection of these.

The 51-year-old cannot understand the anger. In relation to the gala he said: "Basically, I think everyone can do what they want. If someone wants to grow their armpit hair, I say: Let's go! I can find a wire-haired dachshund under my arms or unshaven legs under tights for mine To be honest, some of it is not particularly attractive. The commercial should by no means be critical of body hair in women in general.

And Otto reacted as well: "We don't want to step on anyone's feet with this spot. We want to show with a wink how you can quickly create a new look for a dress with a simple accessory. In general, we are of the opinion that every woman - and every man - should show himself how he or she feels beautiful and comfortable. So whether with or without a jacket - everyone decides for himself."

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