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"Are you there receptionist?" NASA researcher gets bold news
"Are you there receptionist?" NASA researcher gets bold news

A NASA researcher receives a supposedly "funny" message on a dating platform. She's a perfect example of how * not * a conversation should be started.


Well, we admit it - online dating is first and foremost not about the inner values. Anyone who has tried Tinder themselves knows that. The selection criterion is - at least at first glance - the exterior. The dating platform "Hinge" actually promises deeper relationships in its slogan: "Hinge is the place where relationships begin", promises the app. And only suggests people with whom they have at least a few things in common. Nevertheless, you can also get to know the fundamentally wrong people through this dating app. Lauren Eve McKeown noticed that too.

The Irish woman has an incredible résumé - and now works as a scientist for the US space agency NASA. You could read it on her dating profile. Apparently when she had a match with a guy, he was pretty impressed. He wrote, "Shit, that's cool. I have to tell my parents that."

"And that's why, lady and gentleman, I'm single"

So far, so harmless. Then her match got quite upset - with a supposed humiliation: "So - what exactly are you there - something like a receptionist?", He wrote - and added: "I'm just kidding, you look pretty smart the end."

And scientist McKeown was quick to respond: "I'm smart enough to at least know that judging a woman's intelligence by her appearance may not be the best way to start a conversation."

Then she posted a screenshot of the chat history on Twitter. There she received a lot of support and some women report similar experiences with men. Even Hinge himself has meanwhile responded: "We have a zero tolerance strategy for such behavior. We take care of it. The next date is definitely ours."

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