10 things every woman should have in her purse
10 things every woman should have in her purse

Okay, of course it always depends on the type of handbag, but: These 10 things should be found in every everyday handbag.

women handbag
women handbag

1. Keys, cell phone, wallet

Okay, these things belong in your pocket isn't a big secret.

2. Deodorant & fragrance, disinfectant

Why shouldn't these three things be missing? Because they are important! After a long day or with the wrong outfit (stupid material !!!) a deodorant can work wonders. After the lunch break, do you smell like the whole place? Hello perfume! Numerous statistics prove that a disinfectant is never wrong. Bacteriaeeeen!

3. Charging cable

Tragic but true - unfortunately, without a cell phone, we are sometimes really lost. The solution: take a charging cable with you, because whether in a bar or at work - there is always a socket somewhere.

4. Lighter

Non-smokers will now wonder why a lighter belongs in a pocket too? Well, prick up your ears then. Lots of people smoke and anyone who wants to meet a sexy guy can do so quickly and easily with a lighter. Why? Because 80 percent of smokers (I speak from experience) never have a lighter with them and even if they do, they just can't find it.

In addition, in many restaurants there are often candles that are often not lit. Et voilĂ !

5. tampon

women handbag
women handbag

6. Handkerchiefs

We need them, men need them, children need them - handkerchiefs. It's never wrong to have some with you, if it's just for the gum you want to put in there.

7. Bottle of water

This may not be a must-have, but if you travel a lot or suffer from circulatory or head problems, a bottle of water should really not be missing. Especially not when it's hot outside.

8. Mascara, Labello, Powder & Mirror

Sounds funny, but it's true - mascara, labello, powder and a mirror should also be in the bag. A Labello (lip gloss or lipstick is also allowed) makes chapped lips look beautiful immediately, mascara creates an eye-catching effect and powder makes you shine, even if you don't feel like it. And to ensure that everything sits perfectly, a mirror is quite helpful.

9. Chewing gum

Important! Just important! And if you don't like chewing gum, then peppermint candy.

10. Brush, hair clips and sunglasses

It's raining, it's windy, the sun is shining - no matter what, something is always. And so that we don't arrive completely destroyed on a date, appointment or at work, a brush or one or the other hair clip is not a mistake.

By the way, sunglasses are not only helpful in sunshine. Sunglasses are also the perfect and, above all, casual hairband replacement.

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