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6 easy steps to reduce plastic in your life
6 easy steps to reduce plastic in your life

To save our oceans: Plastic is everywhere and it is hard to imagine our everyday life without it. Over 100 million tons of plastic are made every year for products that are used for less than five minutes! You can reduce your own plastic consumption with very little effort! With these tips that can be easily implemented anywhere.

6 easy steps to reduce plastic in your life
6 easy steps to reduce plastic in your life

How to buy and use less plastic in everyday life with little effort

We love whales! We love turtles! Oh, we love animals in themselves. And also dream vacations on the beach with sparkling blue water. But we destroy all of this more and more and continuously with our plastic consumption. Because our oceans are degenerating into a plastic repository: According to Greenpeace, up to 13 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. It is actually so easy to contain the flood of plastic yourself. With a few small changes in everyday life:

Plastic in fashion


Look at the label when buying clothes: Because even fashion is often made of plastic - in the form of polyester or nylon. And they make us sweat in summer and don't keep us warm in winter. It is best to choose natural materials such as linen, hemp or organic cotton.

Goodbye plastic bags: take a cloth bag with you


The cloth bag always with you: Does another plastic bag come home with every purchase or every shopping luck? Which in turn only clog any drawer en masse? From now on, your basic equipment should include a wallet, keys and mobile phone as well as a cloth bag or an old sack.

Far too much plastic packaging in the supermarket


Buy food not packaged: Vegetables, fruit, bread - you can get all of this unpacked in the supermarket. And even if the thin sacks lie temptingly around there - not every apple really has to be wrapped in them individually!

less plastic in everyday life
less plastic in everyday life

Coffee to go - it can also be more comfortable


Take time instead of "To Go": A coffee mug like this every day is not much. Oh yes - especially when millions think so. The situation is similar with lemonade bottles, straws and much more. Every year over 100 million tons of plastic are made for products that are used for less than five minutes. However, that doesn't have to be the case if you take the time to sit in the coffee house and drink from a washable cup instead of rushing through the city with the plastic cup. Or you can get yourself a thermos, prepare the coffee yourself at home (but please DO NOT use aluminum capsules!) And take it with you. And so you save a lot of money on the side!

Glass is better than plastic


Glass bottles instead of plastic: It would be cheapest to only drink tap water anyway: It just comes out of the tap and you don't have to drag it home. But if you don't want to do without your soda, you should rather use (reusable) glass bottles instead of plastic. And see dragging as training for the arms.

Alternatives without plastic packaging


Take a close look: Often one supplier presents the same product more wrapped in plastic than the competition - who may rely on glass or cardboard. So just compare the offer a bit. So how about soap instead of a soap dispenser, handkerchiefs in the cardboard box or sausage and cheese from the fresh food counter, for example?

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