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Throw away food? We reveal 12 tricks on how you can recycle it
Throw away food? We reveal 12 tricks on how you can recycle it

Too good for the garbage can: Simple tips that show how versatile our food can be recycled - from withered lettuce leaves, cheese rinds and even sour milk!

Throw away food? We reveal 12 tricks on how you can recycle shriveled items and the like
Throw away food? We reveal 12 tricks on how you can recycle shriveled items and the like

We live in a throwaway society: Instead of using up food, we throw the yogurt in the garbage can two days before the best-before date (although it will probably be good for weeks - as this test shows), followed by the leftovers from dinner. A few small tips are enough to recycle our food in a tasty and clever way:

Wilted salad

Is the lettuce already withered? Simply put them in cold sugar water for half an hour, that will make the leaves really fit again.

Pickled vegetable oil

Do not just throw away the oil in which peppers and co. Are stored, but use it to sear meat - then you will also get more flavor!

Pickle Water

And the marinade of delicatessen gherkins can also be used well: Either as a marinade for a salad or by placing a peeled, pitted and diced cucumber in it for about three days. Tastes very good!

Cheese leftovers

Do not throw away the rind of the parmesan! Better to cook them in a soup. Then it gets a very special aroma.

Shriveled lemons

Old lemons become fine again if you put them in hot water, let them steep for a moment and then put them in the refrigerator.

Potato water

Old drainpipes become free again when you pour boiling hot potato water into them. Or you can use the cold cooking water to clean linoleum. And cabinets painted white are also beautiful again thanks to the infusion water.

Coffee grounds

Do not dispose of the morning coffee filter or the coffee pad with the organic waste, but use it as a cheap and effective anti-cellulite care product. Coffee grounds are ideal in the fight against orange peel. Simply rub into your thighs, stomach or arms and massage with circular movements. We have tested here that this really works.

Old rice

If you heat up rice from the previous day in this way, it tastes fresh again: Put in a freezer bag in boiling water for about 5 minutes.

Cold tea

Leftover black tea is an excellent cleaning agent for wooden floors or natural wood furniture.

Sour milk

If the milk is slightly sour, bring to the boil with baking soda. That almost makes them fresh again. If the milk is really sour, you can use it to remove rust stains.

Apple peels

Apart from the fact that most of the vitamins are in apple peel and they are really delicious fresh, you can either dry them and nibble them or put them in a pot with plenty of water and let them stand overnight. Then bring the water to the boil, sweeten it a little - and a wonderful apple drink is ready.

Neglected vegetables

The peppers are wrinkled, the carrots have been lying in the icebox for a bit? No problem: Simply cook briefly in the oven - this is how vegetables come back to their top form.

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