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Bangs, Pixie & Co: These 5 Tricks Will Change Your Hair Life
Bangs, Pixie & Co: These 5 Tricks Will Change Your Hair Life

Do you think short or colored hair is great, but don't dare to rock a hairstyle like this yourself? Master any hairstyle with these 5 hair hacks!

Hair short bob
Hair short bob

"Don't worry, with these tips you are sure to master your ombré-mermaid short-hair look with the asymmetrical bangs!" - When I have read articles like this myself in the past, I was very, very skeptical. Because I've tried a lot and sometimes the hairstyle really only looked good up to five minutes after visiting the hairdresser. After that it was more like plague or cholera: Wash every morning and thereby ruin hair, or go to school with a hair tower that makes me look like Mel Brook's Dracula?

Fortunately, there was no social media back then and I got through the bad hair time lightly. Meanwhile I rock this look:

Bangs and Bob
Bangs and Bob

My hair has been colored for eight years - first with henna, now with 'normal' hair color. I've had the bob for six years and the bangs for about four years. I'm just boring you with these numbers so you know that I know about complicated hairstyles! I often get to hear: "I think your hair is great. I wouldn't dare to do that with the color / the forehead fringe / the shortness, though. That is sure to be a lot of work!". Yes, it is work, but my motto in life is: Practice makes perfect.

To give you a little nudge towards bold hair transformations, I've summarized my five most important tips for complicated hairstyles here. The holy grail if you will.

1. Learn to blow-dry = DO NOT air dry

This tip is sure to burst a few dream bubbles, but don't worry, this is more intended for those who are flirting with a complex cut or forehead fringes. I swear to you: a round brush plus hair dryer will be your best friend!

Because no matter how thick your hair is, the bangs are still shorter, more voluminous and therefore more volatile than the top hair. Say: He is stubborn! After washing your hair, take 15 minutes, blow-dry your forehead fringes in the desired shape and treat yourself to a portion of hair lacquer. The pony keeps its shape for many days. (If you also stick to the next tips!)

5. Use styling products

It sounds stupid, but you want to give yourself a stylish hair cap that doesn't collapse at the first breeze. To do this, you simply need a bit of mousse and co.

And for those who are uncomfortable with silicones: Fortunately, we live in a time when there are great pollutant-free, cruelty-free and organic alternatives for all conventional products. And that also applies to hair styling products!


Who has ever seen a shower cap, hands up! This is not a swim cap that you use when swimming, but a loose plastic cap. It protects your hair when you shower because there is one thing you definitely don't want: wet hair!

Wet hair means that you have to blow-dry again and that's what we want busy people to avoid. Dyed hair robs a bit of its color when it is wet, which is a shame, especially with pastel shades, because they don't last that long by their very nature.

4. Do not wash too often (if possible)

Wet hair means blow-drying, means loss of expensive hair color. Ergo, we want to wash our hair as seldom as possible. For me, that's three to sometimes four days between two washes. How long you can delay it is up to you to determine yourself, because that can vary greatly depending on the hair type.

In any case, if you get your hairstyle in shape on the first day, the hairstyle will really last for at least two days without having to do a lot. So think of tip 1!

5. Wash in the evening

I know some of you are morning showers. But I will now give you good reasons why you should at least postpone washing your hair until the evening. 1. You should blow dry and that takes time and usually you don't have any of it in the morning! So wash in the evening and turn it into a kind of spa routine.

2. Wash quickly in the morning, blow-dry a bit and then go outside: the wind, the rain or just the humidity of the air are already disheveling and destroying your gorgeous hairstyle. After blow-drying, the hair needs time to cool down and thus fix its shape. Most of the time you sit on the sofa in the evening, i.e. chill out. And this favors a long-lasting hairstyle.

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