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Will the Victoria Secret Show even take place in China?
Will the Victoria Secret Show even take place in China?

Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry cannot be there! Seems like the idea of holding this year's Victoria Secret Show in China was only theoretically a good one.

Will the Victoria Secret Show even take place in China?
Will the Victoria Secret Show even take place in China?

Just last week, Gigi Hadid announced on Twitter that she would not be joining her sister Bella and the other Victoria Secret Angels on the catwalk this time around. She did not give any details, but rumor has it that Hadid was refused entry to China, where this year's show is scheduled to take place on November 28, 2017, because she published a somewhat aggressive video earlier this year.

It is not yet known which video it is, but some Twitter users speculate whether it is about the clip published in February in which Hadid mimicked the facial features of a Buddha-shaped biscuit. The posting would have annoyed many Chinese so much that the model was even accused of racism. Hadid has not yet commented on the rumors.

Some Russian and Ukrainian models have also not received a visa and singer Katy Perry, who was supposed to be on stage next to the models this time, is also not allowed to enter the country. According to the US magazine Page Six, which is part of The New York Post newspaper, Perry was initially allowed entry, but was later banned. Apparently the Chinese government got wind of Perry wearing a sunflower-patterned dress to a concert in Taipei in 2015. The outfit caused a sensation at the time because the sunflower was used the year before by demonstrators who rebelled against the Chinese government as a symbol of their cause. For this reason, she should no longer be allowed to travel to China and appear on the Victoria Secret Show. Now Harry Styles is supposed to replace Perry.

Did you know nothing about the strict entry regulations?

It is nothing new that singers and models are being refused entry to China. Justin Bieber was also blacklisted in July 2017. According to the Ministry of Culture in Beijing, it is not appropriate to invite artists who have behaved badly in the country. They were referring to Bieber's special excursion to the Great Wall of China a few years earlier.

Seems like China is going to be very unforgiving. We are curious to see whether more stars and models will be denied entry and whether the show will take place at all. We should find out by November 28th.

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