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Why the "migraine pose" isn't that cool after all
Why the "migraine pose" isn't that cool after all

Hold your hand to your head as if you had a headache - and voila: you're already posting like an Insta model. But migraine sufferers don't like the pose at all!

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The "migraine problem" can be seen again and again on Instagram and has triggered quite a backlash among those who suffer from the massive headaches.

The pose, named by makeup artist Nam Vo, "involves posing with one or two hands by pulling your face up by your temples - as if you were having a migraine … The pose tightens that up Face, makes the cheekbones look more prominent, and raises the eyebrows. It's a temporary face lift for the 'gram', according to an Elle article entitled "All the pretty people on Instagram do the headache pose."

Kylie Jenner as the starter of the questionable trend

Indeed: You have almost certainly already seen some of your favorite models, actresses and influencers pose in this way on Insta. By the way, Elle gives Kylie Jenner the credits for "inventing" the pose.

But not everyone is a fan of the rather questionable trend. Vos Instagram post, where she first tagged the term "migraine headache", received heavy criticism from people claiming to suffer from migraines, arguing that the look was neither pretty nor fashionable:

"That worries me so much. 38 million Americans suffer from migraines. It has destroyed my quality of life. #Itsnotpretty," commented one of the users.

"Migraines are no joke, I suffer from it every day and spend my days in a dark room in severe pain. When I have a severe migraine attack, my face certainly doesn't look like these poses," wrote another reviewer.

Vo has since removed the hashtag from her photo and posted an apology on Instagram. "Hello my Dewey Dumplings, I'm sorry. This shouldn't be offensive or hurt anyone. I'm touched by the personal stories you've all shared. I love all of my dumplings and want you all to be happy and healthy! It's all about LOVE, "she wrote.

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