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Face Yoga works like Botox - we have the exercises
Face Yoga works like Botox - we have the exercises

Looking younger without botox and hyaluronic acid? Goes! Proven. With a few exercises for the face, also known as face yoga. That's how it's done!

Face Yoga works like Botox - we have the exercises!
Face Yoga works like Botox - we have the exercises!

Yoga for the face? For real? Sure, face yoga is more than a trend, it's a wonderful way to make your skin look younger and healthier. The stretching exercises on the face vitalize the skin, slow down the aging process and strengthen blood circulation - it has been proven. Click HERE for the study.

We present a few face yoga exercises to you here


That WARM-UP must not fall by the wayside when it comes to face yoga. From top to bottom you should gently pat your face with your fingertips. This promotes blood circulation. If you want to take care of your skin while exercising, you can use serums or light moisturizers.


Face Yoga for the FOREHEAD: Place your hands on the center of your forehead and tense the forehead muscles. Use your hands to prevent forehead wrinkles. Then hold the tension for 10 seconds and relax again. Repeat three times and then run your fingers outwards from the center and repeat three times as well.


Face Yoga for the CHIN: Place your chin on your fist and gently press your lower jaw against it by opening your mouth slightly. Hold the position for 10 seconds with slight tension and then relax again. Repeat the whole thing five times.


Face Yoga for MOUTH and LIPS: Form an "O" with your mouth while increasing lip tension. After ten seconds, relax again and repeat ten times.

Then close your lips tightly and puff your cheeks. Alternately move the air from the left to the right cheek, to the upper and then the lower lip. Hold each position for about 5 seconds. Then relax again and repeat the exercise three times.


Face Yoga for the EYES: Place your index finger loosely on your eyelids and try to open your eyes slightly. Remain in this position for about half a minute and then relax. Repeat the whole process about ten times. Then place the middle finger on the outer ends of the eyes and gently pull the skin apart. Try to close your eyes slightly. Repeat the exercise about five times.

After the Face Yoga exercises, you can pamper yourself with a mask or a vitamin C concentrate, which immediately gives the skin more energy and softens the first lines and wrinkles. This is how the skin gets that extra kick!

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