Children, clothes, first crises
Children, clothes, first crises

Being a mother becomes a little difficult at the latest when the little ones want to assert themselves when choosing an outfit. Presenter Barbara Karlich knows a thing or two about it.

Presenter Babara Karlich slim in a leather jacket
Presenter Babara Karlich slim in a leather jacket

My child is wonderful, smart, and fashion savvy. And I am a humorous, loving and happy mother. It was not always like that. Life three years ago consisted of morning breakdowns. On both sides!

My five-year-old daughter tried to assert her own head when choosing her outfit when she was only two years old, and she did it. A big mistake, as I found out in retrospect. Because what is so delightful and sweet at the age of two and was the content of humorous rounds of friends, unfortunately increased after entering kindergarten - let me underestimate a little: Stalingrad!

Summer dresses in winter. Haha! Would you like some examples? Here you go: In the summer - and we're talking about unbelievable heat - the leggings season was suddenly the order of the day. Legging, a long T-shirt, over it a short T-shirt, socks and trainers: at 38 degrees! The enchanting summer dresses bought with hysterical exultation became "box keepers". But, haha, when the wind blew around our ears and violent storms were announced, the thermometer was stretching more and more towards the freezing temperatures, my child wanted - yikes - finally to wear the summer clothes!

She did that too, she just put them on over everything, which looked absolutely idiotic, always a bit out of the beautiful parts. Socks, for example, were never allowed to be of the same color, which at some point earned them the nickname "pee".

»Angel wings at Easter, Maya the bee costume in the kindergarten.«

My nerves were no longer the best, I was afraid of every morning and prayed to Heaven Father every day that at some point she would finally wear what Mommy suggested.

Au contraire, it can be even better: during Advent, the now four-year-old wanted to wear the "Maya the Bee" costume in kindergarten, at Easter I had to strap angel wings on her every day and weeks ago she wanted to leave the house with her ballet tutu, the logical one Result: loss of composure and crying fits on the mother's side!

The morning drama. And whoever thinks, the main thing is fast, is wrong: We needed hours in the morning until we were finally finished, you mustn't forget how often Mademoiselle changed because then parts did not match or the tights by a number of sizes seemed too small.

Amicable Survival Council. I only survived this time with tranquilizers, a long therapy and various small acts of desperation (eating, sticking my head in the freezer, slaughtering). I have no idea how long I would have endured the procedure if it hadn't been for the wise advice of a dear friend: “Just prepare your clothes the day before! This is much faster in the morning!"

We do that now too. Nightly. Of course, it sometimes takes a good two hours, but we're both somehow more relaxed and, interestingly, we minimize the time required every day … And since the moment when I really don't care what my child is wearing, it has worked flawlessly! Only recently we would have even chosen the same outfit! Hallelujah!

Who do you think she got it from? Now we just have to find a logistics process for the hair … because dressing may be quick now, but not the rest of the styling. Who my child reminds me of … ???

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