Goodbye, ball season: the 2021 Opera Ball has been canceled
Goodbye, ball season: the 2021 Opera Ball has been canceled

Although it is not surprising, it hits a sore point: The government made the decision and canceled the Opera Ball in 2021.

opera ball vienna
opera ball vienna

We didn't really believe in a ball season anymore, but still it's something completely different to have a black and white rejection in front of you. But of course it had to come like this: The 2021 Opera Ball was officially canceled. According to the APA, the final decision was made in the Council of Ministers meeting. This was not easy for the government, said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, but it would be "irresponsible to hold the ball in the usual way".

The economic and social effects have been weighed and it is clear how important the ball is for "Vienna and Austria as a cultural nation". "But in view of the worrying increase in Covid diseases, health protection must have priority," said Kurz. In addition, the Opera Ball has a very long lead time and one cannot assume "that an event with 7,000 people in the house, with music, dance and a lively atmosphere, will be feasible on February 11th," said Green State Secretary for Culture Andrea Mayer.

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The first (and so-called) Opera Ball has been held annually in Vienna since 1935. The ball did not take place during the Second World War either and the tradition was resumed in February 1956. In 1991 the ball also had to be paused, as the safety of certain international guests could not be guaranteed due to the Gulf War. Thus, the failure due to Corona is one of the few exceptions in ball history.

Corona not only hit the Vienna Opera Ball: According to the APA, the committee of the Viennese Nobel and Traditional Balls canceled further balls last week. These include the Doctors' Ball, the Jurists' Ball, the Officers' Ball, the Concordia Ball and the Pharmacy Ball. The hunters' ball will not take place either.

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