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Beauty miracle product collagen: with vegan alternatives for fewer wrinkles
Beauty miracle product collagen: with vegan alternatives for fewer wrinkles

From the age of 25, the body's own collagen formation is broken down. The result: we are aging. Many try to counteract this with collagen supplements. But: These are never vegetarian or vegan!

Beauty miracle product collagen: with vegan alternatives for fewer wrinkles
Beauty miracle product collagen: with vegan alternatives for fewer wrinkles

Tight connective tissue, healthy nails, strong hair - the dream of many women. No wonder that the demand for a wonder drug that promises radiant beauty is growing. For example, the protein collagen is now considered the number one anti-aging ingredient. But many do not even know how it is made and that it is always of animal origin. At least now, the alarm bells go off for people who are vegetarian or vegan. Dr. Martin Bertz, health and nutrition expert, from Vegavero.

Collagen as the inner framework of bones, tendons, ligaments and skin

Basically, collagen is nothing more than a protein that is found in almost every organism. It is the most abundant protein in the human body. It bundles into fibers that are extremely stable and hardly stretchable and thus form the inner foundation. These fibers can be found both in our supporting tissue and between the joints. The bad news here: The body's own collagen formation already decreases at around 25 years of age, which automatically starts the natural skin aging process.

Because collagen is responsible for the firmness of the skin and the older you get, the more the structure deteriorates. As a result, the complexion becomes slacker, the connective tissue more permeable and wrinkles have a free run.

Boost collagen production consciously and healthily

So it's no wonder that many women here quickly resort to beauty miracle products. Because the good news is that even if the external aging process cannot be stopped completely, it can often be delayed a little. The collagen production can also be boosted with the help of dietary supplements. The protein usually comes from beef or pork - more precisely from their slaughterhouse waste. Taking the collagen supplements, be it in capsule form, as a shake or as a cream, promises the skin how

Studies have shown that it is visibly firmer and more elastic. If you are put off by the animal origin, you can start with your own lifestyle first. For example, it is important to reduce the UV radiation on the skin and also to keep the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and similar sins in moderation.

Control the aging process with vitamins

Even if there is no vegan collagen in the classic sense, plant-based anti-aging variants can be a good alternative to animal products. A look behind the biological scenes of the body's own collagen production reveals that in addition to the fibroblasts, the cells that are responsible for collagen production, two other building blocks are required: amino acids and vitamin C. Consuming them can have a similar skin-tightening effect. Although the body does not produce vitamin C itself, it can be taken in as a supplement through food.

Perfect for this: lots of fruit and vegetables. Certain amino acids such as lysine, a crucial building block for collagen production, are also absorbed by the body as part of a wholesome diet. But even in phases of life in which a healthy snack is neglected or simply goes under, it is important not to hang your head - because the skin can also benefit from vitamins and amino acid complexes that stimulate the body's own collagen production.

Animal lovers do not necessarily have to rely on the classic collagen preparations to make the skin glow. A balanced diet and more mindfulness in everyday life can also help you look youthful. Those who also support them with vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts no longer have to fear wrinkles.

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