Where have the 62 years gone? Sharon Stone appears totally rejuvenated
Where have the 62 years gone? Sharon Stone appears totally rejuvenated

Actress Sharon Stone presented herself to her followers on Instagram with a completely new look - according to the principle: less is more!

Sharon Stone hardly recognizable - it really is
Sharon Stone hardly recognizable - it really is

First model, then Hollywood icon: Sharon Stone has had an eventful life; You don't even see her 62 years of the "Basic Instinct" star. Now she shared a picture on Instagram with her 2.1 million followers. The selfie not only shows her almost wrinkle-free, but also with a new hairstyle - which really contributes to the youthful look.

The post comes shortly after another one where she shared a photo of herself as a 19-year-old. And we have to say: the mother of three has always been a natural beauty!

Sharon Stone at 19

Sharon Stone at 62

Has she meanwhile fought a bit against gravity on her face with medical help? We really don't care. We're much more excited about Sharon's hairstyle. The short, feathery hair makes her look so incredibly fresh that make-up is almost superfluous.

In previous interviews, the actress repeatedly asserted that she had never used fillers or had cosmetic surgery. In 2013 she said: "I don't know how many doctors have already suggested a facelift. I was even close to it. But then I looked at pictures of myself and thought: 'What do they want to lift on me?' When you age well, there is a kind of sexiness that I don't want to miss."

She also said in an interview that many people are afraid of change because they believe they are losing something. You would not understand that you also win something: "I may not have that childlike plump face from before, but now I have great cheekbones!

Sounds pretty reasonable in theory, doesn't it? We'll try at least this point of view next time, when we're again unsatisfied in front of the mirror. You go girl … and as I said: please give us the number of your hairdresser …;-)

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