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Which job fits which zodiac sign?
Which job fits which zodiac sign?

Astrologer Turid Pichler reveals in which profession your zodiac sign is successful. Is it true of you?

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Zodiac job
Zodiac job

Each sign of the zodiac has its own character traits and special properties. It goes without saying that the zodiac also has an influence on the job! Our astrologer Turid Pichler will show you which job is best for your zodiac sign!


Aries / Mars has unbeatable energy, loves competition, the competition, speed, needs action and a lot of variety, has to be enthusiastic about his work, has a passion for it. However, as a rather choleric stubborn head, he usually finds it difficult to subordinate himself to bosses or into teams and does not shine in the field of diplomacy or empathetic employee motivation.

He feels more comfortable when the lone fighter can work in management positions or independently as his own boss or build something up and, when things go well, give it up again.

Professionally, he feels more comfortable in jobs or jobs where he can set the tone.

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Taurus / Venus attaches great importance to achieving or maintaining one's own property, wealth, wants to preserve traditional things, preserve them for posterity, is very down-to-earth, practically oriented, close to nature and would also be in the food sector, hotel business, in agriculture, thanks to his enjoyment of pleasure. with restaurants, but also real estate, asset management successfully.


Zwilling / Merkur is a born seller, dealer, marketer, ideal in the commercial, administrative area and has particularly great linguistic and writing talent. The typical twin is usually a brilliant rhetorician, journalist, writer, likes office work and above all needs contact with lots of people.


Cancer / Moon, on the other hand, is successful when - like a sensitive, caring mother - he can take care of his project, his company and live out his emotions in the process. A small independent family business or working with children and animals will give Krebse more inner well-being, balance and thus success than a huge, international corporation. But also the area of doctor and nursing would be an area to be happy and thus successful.

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People with a strong Leo / Sun emphasis often work in management positions, are successful in management, but also set up their own company. But also the creative area, especially acting (but also painting, visual arts) are suitable areas of work, where the lion can receive the necessary admiration and recognition.


Virgo / Mercury humans are extremely hardworking worker bees and want to help other people. Not only do you have strong technical skills, but also mostly a razor-sharp, analytical mind, are orderly and, due to their thoroughness and love of detail, they are probably one of the few signs of the zodiac who like and successfully deal with accounting and tax issues. But alternative health topics and healing methods are also very popular, and the love of nature in general and animals promises professional fulfillment.


Libra / Venus People are in good hands in all areas that have to do with aesthetics, beauty, fashion, cosmetics & styling, art, culture, (interior) design, but they also need a harmonious team to be successful. They are born diplomats, but mostly also extremely conflict-averse. Thanks to their balancing nature, their patience with angels, empathetic courtesy and their instinct, Libra types can successfully soothe even the most difficult customers, for example with highly emotional complaints. They would also shine in the area of representation & PR (of a company) and successfully represent the company's interests.


The Scorpio / Mars or Pluto type has a razor-sharp mind, pursues his goals with absolute meticulousness, intensity, passion, almost ruthlessness, in any case with the most intense persistence and if his excessive emotions do not stand in his way like an eruption, he can too be very successful. Especially when he looks into the deep abysses of people's souls with his sharp X-ray vision, from motivational researchers, psychologists, (psycho-) therapists to detective and forensic technicians, but he would also be successful in the scientific field.

Scorpios can successfully pull the (political) strings in secret and, thanks to their hypnotic and sometimes manipulative nature, know how to guide people as they see fit.


Sagittarius / Jupiter feels particularly comfortable in the area of justice, as he has a very strong sense of justice and great ideals, has to do something "meaningful" in life and mostly follows an inner ethical, social and often religious / spiritual mission. (But he must be careful not to pursue his goals too fanatically). Sagittarius loves traveling to distant countries or contact with other foreign cultures, which is why the field of tourism and professional activities abroad are extremely favored. Teaching activities at universities, colleges, etc. would also be promising, but also in the publishing industry.

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Capricorn / Saturn achieves success with diligence, perseverance, often with great self-abandonment and discipline. He is the typical teacher, usually also a strict educator, or as a lawyer, judge, public prosecutor or in the higher service as a civil servant impartially, correctly and successfully, because these well-structured administrative areas grant him a stable, security-giving corset. He would also be excellently suited as a politician, because he pursues all his tasks and of course the correct compliance with the law with the greatest care.


Aquarius / Uranus is the creative, innovative free spirit who would die in a monotonous “9 to 5” job like a plant without light. He needs a lot of variety, contact with new people, his freedom and has innovative ideas or future-changing visions. He likes to work at his own pace with like-minded people in a team on often (world-) improving concepts, is tech-savvy and is mostly interested in new / social media topics as well as all new technological trends. A strong emphasis on Uranus often shows an interest in psychology, psychotherapy etc. but also the field of astrology or esoteric topics. Classic professional areas in the field of technology are of course also the field of electronics (from cars, ships, airplanes to space research). Many Aquarians dream of flying (be it as a pilot or astronaut), some are particularly inventive and can become professionally successful and rich with ingenious ideas.


Pisces / Neptune people are mostly extremely creative, artistic, intuitive, sensitive but also socially minded. Taking care of those in need is more or less an inner calling (doctor, nursing, social affairs, pastoral care would be ideal professional fields). Due to their strong imagination, many artists also have a strong Pisces emphasis. But also a spiritual activity would be a suitable alternative to feel good.


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