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Dear: ask our astrologer for free advice
Dear: ask our astrologer for free advice

Every week astrologer Turid Pichler answers questions from WOMAN readers free of charge. What does this brief analysis look like? Here's an example!

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Astrologer Turid Pichler - questions love
Astrologer Turid Pichler - questions love

You have to make a decision and don't know what to do next? Maybe our astrologer Turid Pichler can help you. She specializes in personal analysis and "yes or no" answers! Turid can help you not only with love, but also with jobs and real estate.

Your horoscope - astrologer Turid answers your questions
Your horoscope - astrologer Turid answers your questions

Here is an example from a WOMAN reader who had a question about their marriage

Reader Beate, 45 from Vienna writes:

"I have a very important decision to make in my life. Should I really break up and live a new life with my children? I fell in love with someone a year ago and this feeling is still alive. The relationship with my husband has improved also not improved, and he no longer wants to go on like this.

Now the question: is a separation or a divorce (by the way, he still wants it, even if we should stay together) inevitable? And would a future with my boyfriend have a chance? I very much hope that you will answer my question. Time is of the essence for me because our kids don't know anything yet, but my husband wanted to do it over the Christmas holidays!

Thank you very much for your help!"

Brief analysis by our astrologer:

Ruler Moon, your emotions, in your 6th house in the zodiac sign Sagittarius tells of the desire for a more harmonious everyday life, but also the hope for a favorable financial divorce judgment & forms three strong future connections:

Two mergers with Saturn (ruler of your 8th house - the common finances) in +1, 2 TU (do you hope for a good material solution in the event of a separation?) And to Venus in +5, 2 TU (ruler of the 12th house of Separations or co-rulers of the 5th children's house). Do you long for a harmonious solution for the good of your children? As well as a Uranus in the 11th future house trine in +8, 4 TU (sudden positive surprise?)

Your husband is symbolized by your 7th marriage house in Sagittarius. (But he also wants his freedom to be judged justly in the event of a divorce.) Ruler Jupiter is in Libra in his 11th house of the future (and your 5th house of children). (He probably wants an amicable solution for the benefit of the children together.) Jupiter forms two different aspects: first a balance-seeking Saturn in his 12th house sextile in +3, 0 ZE (he wants a clean legal separation) but followed by one violent tension square to Pluto in his 2nd house of material values in +3, 7 TU (does it come to a financial power struggle after all - maybe on principle?)


My love. Of course, no astrologer in the world can make any (life) decision for you, but only show you your current or upcoming cosmic constellations or subject areas. Based on this horoscope analysis, however, I assume that your husband will insist on a financially fair divorce - for the benefit of the children together, he will also strive for a harmonious solution.

By the way, in 2015 your husband started a new 30-year life cycle through Saturn's move to his 1st personality house, including a strongly disillusioning Neptune merger. His Pluto / Saturn opposition, which lasted until the beginning of January 2017, also clearly indicates that he currently wants / will radically change his life - probably with another woman, as his strong Saturn / Venus & Jupiter / Venus love aspects show in December. With your friend, on the other hand, the lucky planet Jupiter has been delighting its 7th house of permanent partnerships since August & until the end of 2017, including upcoming Pluto / Saturn / Mars mergers, which will probably intensify and stabilize the relationship.

In any case, I wish you the very best, but above all for your children!

Your current relevant transits:

Jupiter has been making your 5th house of romantic love happy since December 2016 & until November 2017, but a Venus square is currently holding you back for a few days (relationship stress). On the other hand, a beautiful Neptune sextile gives you emotional harmony, which probably outlines the current situation with your two men.

From mid-January to mid-April 2017, Neptune, Planet of Wishes & Dreams, will give you a sensitive Venus Love Trine that will feel like balm on your soul.

Saturn, the checking planet in the 6th everyday house, will bring you some more fundamental discussions from December 20 to January 16, will move to your 7th marriage house on January 9, 2017 & will support you in the spring with a strong Mars trine in a possible separation.

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