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Rooftop bars in Singapore
Rooftop bars in Singapore

Our lifestyle editor Monika has put together the coolest rooftop bars in Singapore for you.

Rooftop bars in Singapore
Rooftop bars in Singapore

The city has so much to offer: Green oases wherever you look, neat, colorfully decorated houses, the finest street food and lots of trends. If you stroll through the neighborhoods, it feels like you're doing city hopping. Every district looks completely different.

But Singapore looks even cooler from above. With a blue tea (the absolute hit right now), a signature drink or the world-famous Singapore Sling Cocktail, you can enjoy the wonderful view of this colorful, diverse city from one of the many rooftops.

Here are our favorites:




The highest brewery with its two magnificent copper brewing kettles is on Level 33. Located in the Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 1, a cool blond toast is served here - the Marina Bay Sands well in view, with the spectacular tree sculptures of the Gardens by the Bay behind it. And because you need a solid base with so much delicious beer, there is also a really good, fine menu.


The Loof Bar exudes a bit of hipster style, with cool, urban chic, vertical gardens and small oases to relax in. The restaurant is not quite as high up as the others, but the flair makes up for the lack of a view of the skyline. And hey: It's outdoor, the drinks are really good, the atmosphere is great and pssst: Here you can find the best happy hour offers in town! From 5 p.m. the drinks cost around 15 Singapore dollars, and the price increases by 1 Singapore dollar every hour on the hour. Oh yes, beer pong is practically lived here. Cool and worth seeing: the small “Mama Shop” with traditional snacks and little things.


Smoke and Mirrors, on the roof of the National Gallery, comes up with very heavy (visual) guns: With a view over the Padang, a huge field on the bay where the discoverer and founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Raffles, once arrived (and Prince Harry played polo two days before our visit) and the Marina Sands Bay wonder, snacks and drinks are served in a relaxed, chic atmosphere.


If you come to Kinki, you have to look down on the ground first. The world famous tattoo artist Chris "Miami Ink" Garver is responsible for the impressive floor painting. The ambience: a mix of punk, street art and funk - accompanied by the loud bustle of the city. Splendid!


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