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Beware of the WhatsApp status function
Beware of the WhatsApp status function

WhatsApp status is a popular feature. But who can even see the status? We have all the information about it and tell you why you have to be careful.

Whatsapp status
Whatsapp status

This is where Snapchat started, then Instagram followed suit with its Insta stories and for some time now it has also happened with WhatsApp: With the introduction of WhatsApp status, it is possible to share pictures, videos and gifs. These can then be seen for 24 hours. Then they disappear and are no longer visible to anyone, including you.

WhatsApp status visible for 24 hours?

If you don't want your status to remain visible, you can delete it manually. Thus, the photo or video disappears from both your cell phone and the cell phone of your friends and acquaintances. Warning: Remember that others can take a screenshot at any time and you have no control over how long others keep your pictures.

Can you see screenshots in WhatsApp status?

Clearly: no.

Who can see my WhatsApp status?

ATTENTION: EVERYONE who has saved your number and from whom you also have the number can see your WhatsApp status. Therefore, photos or videos that are too intimate should not be uploaded here.

How can I see the status of others?

How can I design my WhatsApp status?

There is the function of marking the photo or video with a label, adding the time or location or inserting emojis. You can also use filters: Simply click on the camera symbol under "My Status", select photo or video below and swipe up briefly - the various filter options appear immediately below. At the end press "Send". Once the status is "out", you can no longer edit it.

I don't want everyone to see my WhatsApp status

Status messages are not visible to people whose numbers are not stored in your phone's address book. But there is the possibility of tailoring the status reports to a certain "audience". This means that you can share messages with a few selected contacts.

To change the status data protection:

1) Go to the status screen.

2) Tap the Menu Key> Status Privacy.

3) Choose who you want your status messages to be visible to.

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