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Virtual running: the best app competitions
Virtual running: the best app competitions

Corona has changed a lot - including the sports industry. Big running events will still take place this year. On-line. We have a clear overview for you.

running, woman, sport, fitness, workout, lifestyle
running, woman, sport, fitness, workout, lifestyle

Because there isn't really much else in sport at the moment, many are now running. You too? I do it. Up until now I didn't particularly like jogging because I found it bland. And exhausting and generally … But I did it because running is good for the cardiovascular system, for endurance and the body in general. We all know First five kilometers, then at some point eight, and recently I hit the ten-hurdle. At three km / h, many inner triads of abuse, BUT: I ran.

Then there are always moments when life surprises you. Like me recently: I was looking forward to running. Finally, finally, finally, after torturing myself kilometer after kilometer and no longer believed that it could happen at some point, it happened: I had actually having fun jogging. How that happened - honestly, I have no idea. But I gratefully accept the fact that it is. And now comes the next incentive: In the following weeks, one after the other, virtual runs will take place.

How what where? We did the research!

1. Decathlon Virtual Run

The Decathlon Coach App provides training plans for every fitness level that prepare you for the run at the end of April. Between April 23 and 25, all participants run five kilometers. The distance is tracked via the app. Participation is free, registration runs until April 18, and the first 500 registered will receive a functional shirt for free.

2. Wings for Life

The procedure of the charity run remains the same despite Corona: All participants start at the same time worldwide and are followed by a catcher car. The only difference to previous years: This time the car chases you virtually via an app. The run will take place on May 9th at 1pm, you choose the route. Fee: 20.00 €. 100 percent of the money goes into spinal cord research. Very spontaneous people can even register themselves on race day.

3rd Garmin Ladies Run Austria

4. Adidas Running

Athletes from all over the world compete against each other in the virtual half marathon. In the previous year, more than 120,000 participants took part in similar events organized by the organizer. When: May 2nd. Cost: none. Route: You decide where you run the 21 kilometers.

5. Virtual Pride Run

Running and setting a sign of acceptance - that's what happens at the Virtual Run as part of Vienna Pride. The starter bag includes a shirt, among other things. This is what you wear when you run or walk a distance of five or ten kilometers. It is tracked using an app or a clock. The whole thing happens on June 18th. You can register until June 7th. Registration costs from € 24. In addition to Leiberl, there is a medal, start number and surprise goodies.

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