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George Clooney on the moment he met Amal
George Clooney on the moment he met Amal

Oh, that's nice! George Clooney told us from what moment he knew that Amal Alamuddin was the woman for life (and we're about to yell!).

George Clooney on the moment he met Amal
George Clooney on the moment he met Amal

We can't get enough of love stories. Like from this one:

There was a time when George Clooney was considered a notorious bachelor who categorically refused to marry. But times can change - and things happen that the hopeless romantic in us still reminiscent of the mantra "If it's the right one, then you will know!" make believe.

George Clooney reported in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter about his first meeting with his current wife Amal Alamuddin and the moment when it finally happened to him.

That's how lovingly George Clooney talks about Amal

… about the first meeting on Lake Como: "I saw her and found her beautiful, funny, and extremely intelligent. I have no idea what she thought of me. I suppose she thought I was pretty old."

… how she sent him the first signals: "Amal kept going to Lake Como and then sending me photos of the area. We started writing e-mails, talking on the phone, keeping up to date with each other's lives - and at some point it became clear that we want more than friendship."

… her first date in London: "Amal really wanted to try a special restaurant in London for our first date. It was one of those new, totally hip places. By the time we stepped out the door, there were already more than 50 paparazzi waiting for us. For some women that's terrifying. She has taken it with humor. A little later things got more serious between us."

george clooney, amal alamuddin, wedding number 2, another wedding
george clooney, amal alamuddin, wedding number 2, another wedding

… the moment when he knew that Amal was "the one": "We were on a safari in Kenya. I took a picture of her as she turned from giraffes to me. She beamed at me and I just thought, 'I have to ask this woman if she wants to marry me.' There was no doubt that we were an ideal couple, a perfect team. We were happy together from the start. And we are until now."

… the wedding proposal: "We had a romantic dinner. I asked her to light the candles with the lighter. When she reached for it, there was a ring. Then I gave everything you do with a wedding proposal: I got on my knees and said everything what to say. She just stared at the ring and stammered 'Oh my god'. I'm an old man, after 20 minutes my knees hurt. Fortunately, she said 'yes' then."

… the only thing he regrets: "When you love someone so much, their life becomes more important than your own. Amal and I are not alone with this, it is the same for all people who find true love. The only thing I regret is that I am Amal first when I was 50. Otherwise I could have spent more time with her …"

We don't cry. You cry! Don't look at us like that! Don't look at us like that! Oh god. Love. May you find them all.

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