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Do you have small blisters on your fingers in summer? You can do that
Do you have small blisters on your fingers in summer? You can do that

Small, clear blisters on the sides of your fingers and toes that itch incredibly? Especially in midsummer temperatures, thousands of people, young and old, torment themselves with this rash, which conventional medicine does not take really seriously.

Sweat blisters & heat pimples: You can do this against the blisters on your fingers and toes
Sweat blisters & heat pimples: You can do this against the blisters on your fingers and toes

Many people react to heat (or stress) with itchy sweat blisters and so-called heat pimples. This itchy rash occurs particularly on the cleavage, on the back between the shoulder blades and between the fingers or toes.

The transparent vesicles are filled with tissue water that collects in the subcutaneous tissue through a kind of inflammation. That is why they wet when they burst. Medicine speaks of dyshidrotic eczema, which is derived from the Greek word "water". Most of the time, the blisters dry off after a day or two. But until then they can itch extremely uncomfortably, so there is a risk of not being able to resist and scratching your skin. The damaged skin areas can become cracked and dry. This makes it easier for bacteria, fungi and viruses to penetrate the skin, which can lead to infections.

How do the itchy blisters arise?

The search for the causes of dyshidrosis is like real detective work. Eczema occurs particularly frequently in atopic people, but smoking, alcohol, coffee, contact allergies, stress and fungal infections can also be triggers. Since the blisters on the hand mostly appear in the spring and summer months, it was previously suspected that they result from an increased production of sweat or from a malfunction of the sweat glands. However, no connection between the disease and this theory has yet been established.

How can I treat dyshidrosis?


ALLERGY TEST. An allergy test can provide information about the possible allergies that caused the disease, so that countermeasures can be initiated.


NUTRITIONAL CHANGE. In addition, given the annoying itchiness, it is advisable to avoid coffee, alcohol and dairy products. Meat should also be avoided if possible. Chinese research also recommends avoiding peppers and onions.


STRESS RELEASE. Stress. The cause of so many ailments. Try to come down more often and take time out.


ANOINT. The use of ointments can reduce the itching and improve the appearance of the skin. These mostly contain zinc, tannins and / or urea. Cortisone, which can also be taken in tablet form, can be used for a short period of time. But please always discuss this with a doctor beforehand.

How can I avoid the itchy blisters between my fingers?

Even if you are still not really sure about the actual causes, it can help to ensure a balanced diet beforehand, to only consume coffee and alcohol in moderation and to avoid stress as much as possible. If you regularly come into contact with strong cleaning agents, you should also use rubber gloves when cleaning. An allergy test or regular visits to the dermatologist can also provide information.

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