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Diet: These foods can cause breakouts
Diet: These foods can cause breakouts

Pimple. Always there when you don't need them (where: when do you need them?). Which diets you should avoid or which foods you shouldn't eat if your skin is to get better.

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Diet: These foods can cause breakouts
Diet: These foods can cause breakouts

Yes, of course - we know theoretically: Blemished skin and pimples have to do with hormonal changes, stress or poor cleansing. But also with your diet, of course. You are what you eat? At least as far as your skin is concerned, that's true.

Pimple? What you shouldn't eat anymore

So if pimples appear all of a sudden on your face - especially on the chin, mouth and cheek area - this can also be a sign that your digestion and thus detoxification is not working properly. A New York University scientific team led by Jennifer Burris has researched the causes of adult acne. The result: pimples and diet are definitely related.

And we'll tell you which foods lead to more beautiful skin. And which ones you should better leave in case of impurities.

These foods can cause pimples:

Fast and comfort foods can cause breakouts


Of course, when we tell you that fast food is unhealthy, we're not telling you anything new. But it is not the percentage of fat that can lead to blemished skin. The glycemic index of food is actually responsible. A high glycemic load means that blood sugar levels skyrocket after consuming the particular food. Put simply: foods with a high proportion of wheat flour (pizza, bread, burgers), but also chocolate, cakes and other sweets can certainly be to blame when acne breaks out.

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Milk can cause pimples


It doesn't have to, but milk can be a cause of pimples. The milk in Cafe Latte and your yogurt don't matter, of course - but if you consume too many dairy products, the skin can become unbalanced. Incidentally, this is not related to lactose intolerance. The Nurses Health Study II examined the relationship between dairy consumption and the occurrence of severe acne. To do this, the researchers evaluated the questionnaires from 47,355 teenage girls. They found that milk, skimmed milk, curd cheese, and cream cheese all promote breakouts. It can be assumed that hormones or bioactive molecules in milk are responsible for this. Further evidence for the thesis: In 2002 a South American strain was discovered in which there was not a single case of acne. The people ate almost exclusively without milk.

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These foods can improve your skin:

Fish is good for pimples


Fortunately, it's not just about avoidance. There are also foods that can definitely improve your skin. For example there is fish. It even fights against sources of inflammation in your body and in this way improves the complexion of your skin.

Nuts are good for pimples


They contain selenium and zinc and have a low glycemic load. This means that they work against inflammation and contamination from within.

Dried fruits, bananas, avocados, and fennel are good for pimples


All of these foods are low in acidity and low in glycemic load. This makes them the perfect antidote for pimples.

General nutrition tip against pimples

If your blood sugar level is particularly high because you have eaten fatty and sweet foods with a high glycemic load, you can bring it back into balance with a glass of water by mixing two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar!

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