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7 beauty sins that cause pimples
7 beauty sins that cause pimples

You clean your face every evening, you don't push around - and still pimples appear all the time. Which 7 beauty sins can be to blame.

7 beauty sins that cause pimples
7 beauty sins that cause pimples

We all know the basics of pimple prophylaxis: Thoroughly cleanse the face of make-up and dirt in the evening. Do not press on pimples, otherwise they will become infected, heal worse and leave scars.

And although we adhere to it, we always have a pimple face like we did during puberty. Sometimes there are hormonal reasons for this - but sometimes with a few bad habits we contribute to clogged pores and unsightly pimples.

7 habits that cause pimples

# 1: You don't disinfect your cell phone

Do you have pimples on your cheeks, temples and chin? This could well be due to your cell phone (or accessories such as hats and scarves). Sweat, make-up residues, bacteria: all of this accumulates over time on cell phones etc. To avoid the annoying pimples that this causes, you should disinfect your cell phone and headphones once a day. Please also wash hats and scarves regularly with wool shampoo!

# 2: You are not using a moisturizer

We are still mistaken that pimples are mainly caused by oily skin, so we decide not to apply an extra moisturizer under any circumstances. An absolute mistake! Because dehydrated skin tries to compensate for the deficiency - and produces even more oil. Which leads to pimples again. Dead skin cells, which are typical of dry skin, also clog the pores. In a word: always use moisturizer!

# 3: You're not cleaning your facial cleansing brush

Facial cleansing brushes like "Clarisonic" are powerful tools when it comes to cleansing your skin pore-deep, stimulating blood circulation and giving it a gentle exfoliation. But these brushes also have to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Otherwise you will happily massage bacteria and dirt that has collected on it into your pores with each use.

# 4: You change your pillowcase too infrequently

During the night you sweat, oil and bacteria mix on your pillowcase. If you consistently notice pimples on your forehead, temples, and cheeks, then as a precaution, wash your pillowcase once a week.

# 5: You cover everything with makeup

What is the automatic response when we have pimples? We use concealer, make-up and powder to cover the pimples as thoroughly as possible. But layers of makeup (especially powder) create a thick, cocoa-like layer that reinforces bacteria and thus nourishes the pimples. Try to reduce the layers a bit. Usually you notice pimples more than the others, which is why you could do without the setting powder, for example.

# 6: You eat too sweetly

We all have our vices - and there is no way we are telling you not to treat yourself to any more sweets. But if you have an acute pimple attack again, it is better to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Warning: The sugar content in fruit syrups and lemonades is extremely high. So it makes sense not only to keep an eye on the food, but also on the drinks!

# 7: You only clean your face in the evening

You wash your face every evening, that's exemplary. But sweat and oil also collect on your face at night. You don't have to start a big cleansing program in the morning - but if you have a tendency to blemished skin, you should at least clean it with a cleansing milk.

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