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Small bathroom? Make it look bigger with these Ikea hacks
Small bathroom? Make it look bigger with these Ikea hacks

With these Ikea hacks you can make the most of the space in small bathrooms! And we don't want to promise too much, but: DIY has never looked so good!

Make your bathroom look bigger with these 7 Ikea hacks
Make your bathroom look bigger with these 7 Ikea hacks

Small bathrooms are much larger breeding grounds for a tidy mess. There is no point in keeping your perfume addiction as small as possible. Without the right organizational tools, a tight bathroom can quickly become our worst enemy. For anyone with a mini bathroom who wants to take control of their little mess, these hacks could be the absolute salvation.

Now, as is well known, Ikea products are multifunctional and Ikea hacks are something of an international popular sport. And little hacks for small bathrooms are no exception. These 7 affordable, Scandinavian-inspired DIY solutions prove that your bathroom does not have to be expensive to renovate to shine in a completely new look. Regardless of whether your shower needs a little facelift or you still haven't found the right bathroom kit, these ingenious ideas use the cult products of the Swedish supplier … Let's go

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1. A slatted frame as a wall mount

Actually intended for a good, restful sleep, the cheap slatted frame can also be used as a wall mount to finally create a proper space for your bathroom essentials. If you screw a few more hooks on, there is even space for small baskets!

2. Fader towel rail really nice

It couldn't be easier! Brass and copper splashes of color look particularly good in black and white! Such accessories can be quite expensive. Everything you need? A cheap towel holder from Ikea, a spray can of the color you want and ten minutes to spare. Easy!

3. Kitchen trolley? Bathroom trolley

The RÅSKOG trolley was actually designed for small kitchens. But it looks at least as good in tiny bathrooms that need a little more storage space!

4. Picture bars are perfect shelves

Little space? Picture bars are perfect for odds and ends and small beauty products. Perfume, nail polishes and creams are always close at hand - and it looks beautiful too!

5. Kitchen box in the bathroom! Why not?

Do you still need some storage space? Work with the wall height and don't limit yourself to the bathroom department. Kitchen boxes with a minimal look are perfect for small bathrooms. Our favourite? The VEDDINGE series!


6. Sink shelf? Sink shelf

Don't want to make your bathroom look even smaller? This incredibly cheap and airy washbasin shelf is practical and hardly takes up any space!

7. We love ladders

IVAR is pretty much the cheapest storage range that Ikea offers. A side part of the series is also used as storage, but has been completely converted - as a ladder! We love this idea!

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