You need to know these 21 emergency aid hacks
You need to know these 21 emergency aid hacks

A pimple sabotages your date, you've burned yourself with the straightening iron, the bikini area is all red after resinifying - these tricks help immediately.

Young woman with pimple on forehead
Young woman with pimple on forehead

You're nervous about a meeting or a date

Do something very mundane, such as E.g. delete photos on your phone or write a shopping list. Boring activities help slow down excitement and restlessness.


You burned your forehead with the straightening iron

Spread a small amount of honey on the area. It has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, which speeds up healing.


You have a rash on your face from your friend's stubble

Lubricate the area thickly with moisturizer or petroleum jelly; this will soothe the itchy skin and make the redness go away. But there shouldn't be any alcohol in the product, that would have the opposite effect.


You wake up with puffy eyes

Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and place it over your eyes for a minute. Or massage the area directly with an ice cube. Used regularly, it is also a great anti-aging agent.


You feel scared and your heart is pounding like mad

Massage the small kulen on your temples, breathing slowly and deeply in and out. The exhalation should be a little longer than the inhalation. This will help you relax.


You almost doze off in a meeting

Take a deep breath through your mouth. This works just like yawning, it sends oxygen into your brain. But you don't risk odd looks from the boss.


Suddenly you get really severe menstrual cramps

Moisten a cloth and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Do this on your stomach until the pain pills start working.


A pimple threatens to sabotage your date

Hold a spoon under hot water for ten seconds, then press it onto the breakout pimple. That slows him down for a few hours and he won't get that big if he does show up.


Your nose just won't stop dripping

Draw up a handful of lukewarm water. If you have salt on hand, add a little salt, it dries out. That should calm the nose for a couple of hours.


You have black points in your field of vision

Dehydration or low blood sugar could be behind this. Drink a large glass of water and eat a piece of fruit.


You have an urge to cough that just won't go away

Pretend you're sucking on a candy. This stimulates the flow of saliva, which makes the throat moist. That should ease the stimulus.


You cut yourself while shaving

Put baby powder on the cut; this will make the blood clot faster. Incidentally, loose face powder is also possible in a pinch.


Your bikini line will be all red after curing

Cool the area with ice packs or ice cubes for a few minutes. The skin will turn red from the cold, but once it's warmed up, the red spots should be gone.


You get a stitch in your side when you run

Reduce to walking pace. Put your arms in the air, hands above your head, and take a few deep breaths.


You got yourself a slate

Place a piece of banana peel inside out and secure it with a plaster. The fruit enzymes ensure that the splinters can be removed more easily.


Your feet hurt from shoes that are too flat or too high

Roll your bare feet over a water bottle or can for a few minutes. This will help relax your plantar fascia and relieve the pain.


You have a hangover and feel like you are about to throw up

Eat or drink anything that contains ginger, such as: B. ginger ale, ginger water or candied ginger. That calms the stomach.


You have dandruff

Massage your scalp for a few minutes. That loosens the natural oils in the scalp that bind the dandruff. It's also super pleasant.


You get a tension headache

Hold a metal spoon in ice cold water. Then press it down on your upper lip for a few minutes. That will reduce the pain.


You feel bloated and need to fart

Find an undisturbed place and get on all four. Stretch your buttocks in the air and rock back and forth until the farts have loosened.


You get a terrible cramp after a workout

Take a few sips of the juice from pickles or other pickled vegetables. This can relieve the cramps.

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