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Acne on the breast: This helps against pimples on the cleavage
Acne on the breast: This helps against pimples on the cleavage

What good is the most beautiful blouse in the world if our cleavage is full of pimples? We'll tell you the cause of imperfections on the décolleté and what you can do about it!

Acne on the breast: This helps against pimples on the cleavage
Acne on the breast: This helps against pimples on the cleavage

What to do if there are unsightly pimples on your chest, of all places? It is important that root cause to clarify. Because especially in summer, when we like to show a lot of skin, pimples and blemishes are common. But: Fortunately, with the right skin care, you can get rid of them very quickly.

What causes pimples on the cleavage?

During puberty, many young girls not only struggle with blemishes on their faces, but also on their cleavage and back. The reason for this is Adjustment of the hormonal balance. The female sex hormone estrogen also controls our sebum production. During puberty, during pregnancy or after stopping the pill, the hormonal balance changes, which can lead to an above-average production of sebum, which clogs the pores and causes pimples. The keratinization of the skin can also be disturbed.

But it's not just sebum that can clog your pores, too Sweat is often the cause of pimples. It is therefore important to wear clothing that fits loosely to the cleavage or that absorbs sweat. Synthetic substances are also often the cause of skin irritation. So if you do a lot of sports, for example, always take a shower immediately afterwards and don't lie on the couch with that sweaty sports bra!

If you tend to have irritated skin on your cleavage, avoid spraying perfume on this area. Better to apply the scent to clothing.

And last but not least, too much can be done Alcohol, tobacco, or simply poor diet (too much fat and carbohydrates) can be responsible for pimple formation. Stress or too little sleep can put additional stress on the skin.

And yours too care you should take a closer look. Perhaps you are using the wrong body lotion or using excessively aggressive scrubs or a shower gel that irritates your skin.

What can I do about pimples on the cleavage?

The skin on the décolleté needs at least as much attention as the skin on the face. The right care prevents pimples and helps to keep the cleavage fresh and young.

Don't forget to remove your make-up

When we come home in the evening, we often only clean our face and forget about the neck and décolleté. You should at least always dab the areas with a cotton ball and mild tonic, rose water or black tea!

Gentle acid peelings for the cleavage

Dead skin cells and cornifications are mostly responsible for pimples on the cleavage. You should be up no mechanical peelings use - the grains irritate your skin and the blemishes only get worse. It is best to use mild acids that rid your skin of dead skin cells. Here you can read everything about acid peels. You can also apply the products you use on your face to your cleavage. However, there are even body lotions with fruit or salicylic acid (e.g. from Paula's Choice). Salicylic acid is particularly effective - it clears the pores and has an antibacterial effect. Make sure that your products are free of dyes and fragrances and start slowly using acids - i.e. apply acids once or twice a week and only increase the application after a few weeks.

Important: always use sun protection!The acids (even if they are mild) make your skin particularly permeable. Sun protection also prevents skin aging. It is best to use a non-greasy, fragrance-free sunscreen for the face. We have listed suitable products here.


Pamper your cleavage in the evening with a non-greasy moisturizing cream. If you feel like the cream isn't being absorbed well by the skin, it may be too rich. A mild hyaluronic acid that you use on your face can also be good for your cleavage. Otherwise, simply use mildly formulated body lotions (e.g. from Mixa "Atopiance" or La Roche Posay).

Treat pimples

NEVER try to squeeze out the pimples. It is best to dab the individual areas with a pimple ointment (benzoyl peroxide or zinc available in the pharmacy) and leave it on overnight. Expressing pimples only makes things worse, especially on the cleavage. If you have severe imperfections, you should consult a dermatologist or beautician and have your skin professionally cleansed.

Cover pimples properly

The secret is: use a green concealer! Green is the complementary color to red and makes your pimples instantly invisible! There are also concealer sticks with an antibacterial effect, which let the pimples subside immediately and ensure that they do not become infected any further.

Powder will help dry out the pimples. Ask the drugstore which one is best. But: Even if you find it difficult, try to use as little make-up as possible on your cleavage.

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