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Does his beard cause pimples in you? You can do that
Does his beard cause pimples in you? You can do that

Does your boyfriend leave you irritated with his beard after kissing? With these tips you can help your sensitive skin.

Does his beard cause pimples in you? You can do that
Does his beard cause pimples in you? You can do that

Of course, we think three-day beards are sexy! However, there is one major disadvantage: when kissing, they can irritate our skin violently. Some women even really suffer from it and then no longer want to kiss their boyfriend because the skin is actually reddened and sometimes sore. We have 5 helpful tips on how you can help your sensitive skin.

1. Use mild care

Don't use products that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid, as these can sting your skin after making out. Should you use acne products: These are very irritating to the skin and sometimes dry out. So if you have planned a romantic evening with your boyfriend again, use products that soothe sensitive skin a few days in advance. Such as a natural face oil or soothing serum.

2. Cool compresses and aloe vera

Chilled aloe vera gel soothes redness and irritated areas immediately. You can also put cool green tea or soy milk compresses on your face to help soothe the skin.

3. He can help too: with beard oil

There are more bacteria dormant in beards than you might think. Therefore, the men should also help and take care of their beards properly. It is best to lather with baby shampoo or mild soap and wash thoroughly. After that, your loved one should use a good portion of beard oil. That makes the stubble silky soft. Available here:

4. The length of the beard is crucial

The most important tip: Your boyfriend should either shave fresh before kissing, or let his beard grow a little longer so that the sharp stubble doesn't irritate your face over and over again. If the whiskers get longer, they also become more supple.

5. Good news: the skin gets used to it

Fortunately, many women who struggle with irritation from their partner's beard have only had these problems early in their relationship. The skin can get used to the stimulus over time.

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