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5 Instagram trends for summer
5 Instagram trends for summer

Have we even experienced summer if we don't document it on Instagram? 5 hot Instagram trends and apps to optimize your photos.

5 Instagram trends for summer
5 Instagram trends for summer

Picture collages, "Thigh Gap", "Sunburn Art" and tons of filters have one thing in common: They are relics from Instagram's past;-). So instead of continuing to occupy yourself with photos that make your legs look like sausages, you should quickly check out these five new Instagram trends and apps. Because photos in this style will flood the accounts in the next few weeks!

5 new Instagram filters and photo apps


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OVER EXPOSURE. Strong contrasts and strong colors are something of 2015! This summer, the Instagram trend is called "overexposure". Gives a fresh look to every picture. airy and very cool character. It is best to take the photos in the early morning when the light is particularly bright and glaring. Disadvantage: If you want to pull off your Instagram portfolio in one look, then you have to get up early for a while …


FISH EYE OPTICS. You don't have a Go-Pro or an attachable wide-angle lens with which you can capture your adventures in large format for the followers? Do not despair! Download the Insta-Fisheye-App (iTunes) - and capture your trip to Greece or the banana boat trip in a wide angle.


#NOFILTER. Give the Insta-Cams Lux, Hudson or Valencia a break. This summer photos can be "real" again - without filters. And if you don't want to do without it at all, then choose a #filter that comes closest to the natural light conditions.


IT IS ABOUT YOU. Sure, group photos are not only funny (and generate additional likes!) - but in truth, it's your Insta account. Photos of you cycling through Provence or strolling elegiacly along the beach: this summer, solo shots are trendy again.

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