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WOW: You have to follow these 5 travel blogs
WOW: You have to follow these 5 travel blogs

Who doesn't love to travel? And these travel bloggers make us want to just pack our bags and get on the plane.

travel blogs
travel blogs

Globetrotter Mag

Marianna Hillmer is a passionate blogger. The Hamburg native with Greek roots studied literature, culture and law in Berlin, worked in India, Greece and Munich and currently lives in Berlin. You can see very well on her blog that the author, photographer and web designer is and has a knack for it. Why did she decide to become a travel blogger? "I think traveling makes you happy and reading about it too, that's why there is Globetrotter Mag. Here you can find inspiration, stories from on the go, fabulous insider tips, lots of photos and food posts (I love food!)."

Summer days

The two Austrians Kathi and Romeo share two passions. Traveling and photography. They also have a weakness for individual hotels and bizarre encounters. On their blog, however, they not only write about their experiences, but also about food - they both love oriental food and cheesecake - and about things that keep them busy. They say of their blog: "It is a place for inspiration, for passion, for opinions and thoughts, a plea for individual travel and a place for good photos.

By the way: in the vast majority of cases, the two of them are always out and about in pairs. Why? "We like to share our emotions, both positive and negative. In addition, we can capture the moment together much better, be it as a photo, a video or in our heads."

JUST travelous

Yvonne herself says about her blog: "JUST travelous is the travel blog for all of you who want to live your life exactly like this. For the adventurers and fearful rabbits among you. For all those who haven't had enough. Who want more. From Living. From traveling. Those who want to have fun. Want to be happy. Those who want the best of the best. And sometimes that is just sitting on the sofa in your pajamas. And then again the next day, adventure. Seeing the wide world. Get out of it Comfort zone and back again. In the way that suits you best. " The freelance television editor focuses on extraordinary travel experiences, adventure travel and flashpacking - a really well-made blog!

Follow your trolley

Jeanette Fuchs is a journalist, blogger and yoga teacher and lives in Salzburg. She loves to travel, surf, yoga and the ocean and that's why exactly these things are captured in beautiful pictures on her blog. When asked what Jeanette is particularly good at: "To be robbed in every corner of the world and to remain completely calm. After all, practice makes perfect. At the top of my personal hit list: Barcelona, Rome and Mexico." But that doesn't stop them from going on and visiting as many countries as possible.

Travel Run Play

Carina started her blog because traveling & running changed her life completely. With this blog, the Mainz native wants to show that it is possible to take your life into your own hands and turn it for a better one, no matter what experiences you have had in the past. "I grew up in Mainz and have never been particularly interested in travel or sports. Most of my youth and young adulthood, I was busy moving from one personal crisis to the next Carry on "brought me to a semester abroad in Australia during my media design studies in 2009, which should change everything. I started running, traveled the continent and suddenly found a feeling of deep connection and freedom at the same time that I had never seen before felt in my life. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life."

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