A production employee on her account balance
A production employee on her account balance

Work, pay, live: how much does a production worker earn? And how much is left at the end of the month? We asked as part of our series.

What does your world cost? A production employee on her account balance
What does your world cost? A production employee on her account balance

"You don't talk about money" - this is especially true in Austria. Most of us keep our own salaries a secret. We are confronted with our finances every day. Where has the 100 in the wallet gone? How am I supposed to pay for the car to be repaired? How do other people manage to put something aside? And how much do the colleagues who sit with me in the office actually earn? Last but not least, this unnecessary secrecy with regard to income contributes to the fact that women still do not earn as much as their male colleagues. We say: No more, people talk about money! That is why in this series we ask women with a wide variety of professions: What does your world cost? How much do you earn? What is left at the end of the month? In the 19th part of the series, we asked a production employee for an interview.

Corinna Eisner is 23 years old, trained retail saleswoman and works as a production employee for electronic components in Styria.

How much do you earn monthly

Corinna: I work full-time 38.5 hours and get 1760 euros gross. The net is 1354 euros.

How much are your fixed expenses?

Corinna: My fixed monthly expenses are around 700 euros for rent, cell phones, electricity, cars, groceries and insurance.

Do you have a private pension plan?

Corinna: Yes, I pay 40 euros a month for this. I afford it because I want to collect a little more money later and still want to treat myself to something even in old age!

Are you saving money And how do you put it on?

Corinna: I save 250 euros a month and put it in a savings account.

How much is left at the end of the month?

Corinna: I have around 300 euros left at the end of the month.

Are you happy with your salary?

Corinna: I am very happy with my salary.

Do you know what your colleagues earn?

Corinna: Yes, they earn very much like me!

What do you like to spend money on?

Corinna: I love to spend my money on books and a healthy lifestyle.

What would you like more money for?

Corinna: I would like to have more money to travel, as probably many. One day my dream is the Maldives.

Do you talk to your friends about money?

Corinna: Of course, I talk to my friends about money. Frequent topics of conversation are who has what expenses and what the remaining money is for.

What is your greatest luxury?

Corinna: My greatest luxury is clearly my family, but my material luxury is my 70+ Essie nail polish collection.

Would you say of yourself that you are good with money?

Corinna: Yes, you could say that.

Can you afford the things that you would like to have or do you often have to go without something?

Corinna: I'm actually happy with my earnings and the days I work.

How important is work to you in general? How important is it in your life?

Raffaela: Work has a relatively high priority, but of course my family, my boyfriends and my friends always come before that.

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