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1 year together? You should ask yourself these questions now
1 year together? You should ask yourself these questions now

Anyone who has been together with their sweetheart for over a year probably already knows a lot about their partner. But there are a few intimate questions couples should ask themselves when they are together for a while.

Relationship: 1 year together? You should ask yourself these 10 questions now
Relationship: 1 year together? You should ask yourself these 10 questions now

If you've been dating someone for over a year, you probably know a lot about your significant other, from the color of their eyes to their childhood crush. However, there are some more personal or intimate questions couples should ask themselves after a year of dating to ensure that you and your partner see the big things of the future at eye level …

Of course, it's okay if you and your partner disagree on certain things or have slightly different values and beliefs, but people should at least ask their partners these important questions so that couples can get a feel for how things are, what the future brings and what it all means for the relationship.

And yes, we already know: It's scary as hell to lean so far out the window - especially if you don't know how your loved ones are going to deal with these questions. However, these are extremely important conversations that you should have with your partner in the first year of your relationship. You won't regret knowing where you stand.

10 questions couples should ask themselves sooner or later

1. Do you want to get married later?

A question that takes courage because it seems like you want the ring on your finger right away, but at least getting a rough idea of where the two of you stand when it comes to marriage isn't bad. Sure, opinions can change over time … but still.

2. Do you want to have children one day?

Another question that can quickly stumble. But if you're someone who absolutely never wants to have children, but your partner does, that's a problem that could well play a role in the future …

3. What are your biggest fears?

No, not spider phobia or fear of heights, but stress factors, fears and worries that help to understand your partner better.

4. What is stressing you?

What are your partner's biggest triggers?

5. What are your political positions?

Especially in this day and age, a question that should be asked. It is important to know how your sweetheart feels on certain topics. It is totally OK not to agree everywhere, but a general agreement would be very important.

6. Do you have big goals for your future?

The "future" can be frightening, and there is a lot in life that you simply cannot plan for. But knowing what your partner's ideal future looks like reveals a lot!

7. What is most important to you in life?

Similar goals for the future and similar values can make a relationship a lot easier.

8. Do you have any regrets about your past?

Does your partner regret never doing a semester abroad? Not accepting a job? To have just left his ex-girlfriend standing? These are all the things that made him or her what they are today. Learn from it.

9. Do you have a good relationship with your family?

You already know the family, but feel free to ask again.

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