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Lonely? How do you find friends as an adult?
Lonely? How do you find friends as an adult?

Getting to know someone and making friends as an adult is not easy. But don't hesitate, we have the best tips for you.

Women sit in a cafe
Women sit in a cafe

Friendship chains in half-heart shape have already prophesied: Life without your best friend is lonely! One moves away to study, the second gets a job abroad and the third tours Europe and never comes back. And now? How do you make new friends as an adult? Now that you don't necessarily see the same people crammed together in a confined space in school or training every day, and you don't have an aversion to learning chemistry and sharing canteen food, and simply from this flood of similarities you decide to be your best friend forever ? What now?

How do you still find new friends as an adult?

The most obvious reason why it becomes harder to make real friendships with age is time. We have a 40-hour job, probably family and children and then should we invest time to get to know new people? Finding friends is like going on dates. It takes a lot of energy and time, which we neither have. But if you prefer to turn your KOFs (kind of friends) into BFFs (best friends forever), you just have to put in a little bit of work. So how do you find new acquaintances?

Where and on what occasions do you still find new friends as an adult?


Online communities

Do you like corgis? Do you want to improve your French? Or do you like to play volleyball? Maybe you like to take selfies, but haven't found the right angle or the perfect light yet and would like to have like-minded people to practice with? There are now Facebook groups for all of this, like a dime a dozen. Just search and become a member. Your new best friends may be just a click away.


Interest groups and events

There are groups not only in the digital world, but also very old-school in analogue. Believe it or not, your neighborhood certainly has reading circles, Bible groups, Scrabble evenings and yoga groups. Just google it, but don't forget to enter the city you live in into the search field.



Many will probably shake their heads by now, but it is possible to make friends through Tinder. Many do! Thanks to Tinder Social, it is now possible to join groups of friends who want to go out with a small swipe. So let's go. Maybe your next best buddy is just a right swipe away.


Attend a course

Have you always wanted to sew a dress, or learn Spanish, or really let the pig out at the poetry slam? Then attend a course near you. In addition to the adult education center, there are also numerous other private schools that offer smaller courses. Inform yourself! Your new best friend may be the person sitting next to you. Like back then at school.


Volunteer work

Get to know new people and do something for a good cause right away: Whether giving tuition, looking after dogs, or increasing your wine supply and thus justifying your alcohol consumption in the name of a good cause, everything is possible. If there are also activities that fulfill you, you are not only happier in the here and now, but at the same time collect karma points for later.


Just say yes

Sounds easy, but for many people it is no longer. If your colleagues from work or acquaintances invite you to a party, dinner or an after-work drink, then you should say yes. Perhaps the very people you have to sit next to you in the office day in and day out will turn out to be the true friends you have been looking for since your lonely adulthood.

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