When your best friend suddenly has a boyfriend
When your best friend suddenly has a boyfriend

… then the good old days are over. You will surely also know these situations if you are single, but your best friend is dancing around in 7th heaven, freshly in love.

best friend friend
best friend friend

1. "The single life is so terrible"

You used to be in the same boat. You could complain about the terrible men nowadays and gossip about the happy couples who walk through the park holding hands or snogging in the coffee house. Well, that is now unfortunately over, because your best friend thinks the single life is "so terrible" and is "so happy to finally not be single anymore".

Slap in the face - thanks for nothing!

2. She becomes a matchmaker

Bad enough that she has a boyfriend. Suddenly she believes that she is welfare and is constantly wondering who to match you with. The fact that these are of course friends, cousins, brothers and work colleagues of the NEW doesn't make things any better.

3. New role: "Third wheel on the car!"

The joint meetings, spontaneous excursions & Co are also a thing of the past. Because the "mousebear" also wants to get to know the "best friend" of his "Hasilein" and spend a lot of time with his new love.

When you go out, you no longer sit next to your best friend, but in the back seat. During walks you fumble and you try to look away, embarrassed, and how terrible the dinner and coffee house visits are when HE suddenly shows up and the two exchange amorous looks and kisses - we don't even want to start talking about that. You know!

best friend friend
best friend friend

4. Discussion topic # 1: ER

If the opportunity finally arises that she "gets free" and takes her time, then of course only HIM will be spoken of.

5th meeting? "Let's take a look at the coming week!"

As a rule, however, the meetings are less and less and often postponed.

6. Love calls from Hasilein

It's also particularly annoying when HE calls, sends SMS and is in constant contact with your best friend.

best friend friend
best friend friend

7. Please smile and be soooo in love

And because that's not bad enough, suddenly grinning at you from her Whatsapp photo and his face on her Facebook page. Because the fact that the "Mausibärli" is now the main part of their life must of course be shared with the whole world immediately.

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