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Facebook wants to compete with Tinder with a dating app
Facebook wants to compete with Tinder with a dating app

Facebook not only wants to befriend its users, but also to couple them in the future. The function should start in the next few months.

Facebook wants to compete with Tinder with a dating app!
Facebook wants to compete with Tinder with a dating app!

With the information that Facebook has from us, it is actually not surprising that FB boss Mark Zuckerberg wants to play Cupid with his users in the future. In addition to new friends, potential relationships should also be suggested in the future. At the presentation, however, Mark Zuckerberg said that the new function should not ensure fast matches like competitor Tinder, but rather long-term relationships. And that although the feature works very similarly to Tinder in principle. Because here, too, common interests, friends and preferences play an important role in arranging the next match.

How does the new feature work?

To use the new dating feature, all you have to do is create your own dating profile. Actually not impractical, if you consider one or the other embarrassing photo from party times that the potential partner may not necessarily need to dig up from the depths of our timeline before the first date. The interface should then look very similar to Tinder: profile picture, a few extra photos and a short "introductory text".

This is how the interface should look like:

It is built on common ground

According to the presentation, your friends on Facebook should be completely excluded from your dating pool. But because we still build on similarities, you should represent your interests as well as possible by clicking on as many events and groups as possible that are really suitable for you. This should increase the quality of the match. You should be able to choose whether "friends of friends" can discover you.

As with Tinder, you have to show mutual interest in order to be able to communicate with each other via WhatsApp or Messenger. Photos should probably not be able to be sent at the beginning … which, as anyone who has only tried online dating once knows, is quite practical.

Facebook employees are currently testing the beta version. Jane Manchun Wong, a contributor, is already tweeting a few of the features:

200 million declared FB singles

Around 200 million users indicated their relationship status as "single" - and that's where Facebook wants to convey: "So many couples have already met on Facebook," said Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's F8 developer conference, at which some big new ones took place in May Facebook updates were presented.

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