Why it is better to say "goodbye"
Why it is better to say "goodbye"

It hurts, it tightens your breath and you don't want it because you can't lose HIM. But sometimes it's better to say goodbye!

complete heartbreak lovesickness
complete heartbreak lovesickness

Is it actually normal to be in a permanent state of lovesickness? No it is not! Because actually - that's how I lived it and was taught - love shouldn't hurt. It shouldn't all be so complicated and these games, which are apparently an absolute trend these days, also get on my nerves a lot and, above all, they hit me on the stomach. If I have something on my mind, why can't I say it, why can't you just communicate with the love of your life?

Singles really don't have it easy because no matter how you do it, you do it wrong. You give HIM distance and bang, there is another. You try not to be pushy and not to report constantly and bang, this is interpreted as disinterest and if you miss HIM, then DON'T TELL HIM THAT, because then he has the "power". Oh yes - the "power". Thankfully, that doesn't only apply to the singles among us, because how many couples are there currently who are together, but also not, because then one person has what they wanted - power!

It's all ridiculous. If you meet someone, are in constant contact, your stomach goes crazy when you meet and if you can't stand it when HE or SHE is dating another person, then you are no less "cool" or "old-fashioned" "and you don't give up" power "when you say that ?! Then you're just in love.

But exactly this love - it often hurts a lot. Often so much so that it is better to say goodbye.

A very wise woman helped me a lot in my lovesickness, because I could no longer sleep, no longer eat, stared at the cell phone every minute, hoping to have received a text message from HIM. Nothing. What follows? A renewed feeling of this nausea and the urge to cry even if you can't even cry anymore!

“You have to finish with this. It's easier said than done, especially when you're not emotionally involved. But it is better that way. He made you feel like you were special and that he loved you. Of course you then think and feel that this is also the case. So it's not up to you. He acts selfishly, doesn't know what he wants and plays with you. You are a wonderful, intelligent, sensitive person, and capable. If something hits you, you get up and move on. Such men can destroy women. Think about your self-esteem and your dignity and most importantly, how valuable you are. You and you alone determine and allow how people treat you. Don't let that happen. Let go - forever. He's not worth it if he acts like this and treats you like this, and he DON'T DESERVE you. I know it hurts and it tightens your breath. But it will pass. And you will come out of this grief even stronger."

One should bear this in mind. If he likes you, then he will not allow you to go and if he is only playing with you, then it will perhaps surprise and perhaps even bother him when you no longer answer, but it is only about his "play partner" "who no longer wants to and can no longer participate.

Say goodbye It will do you good - even if it is tough. And always remember: YOU CANNOT LOSE THAT YOU NEVER HAD BASICALLY.

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