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These seemingly small things mean a lot to men
These seemingly small things mean a lot to men

Yes, it's 2021 but we can't repeat it enough: men are not cold beings who only think about sex and football. Even if this is still often suggested to us.

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These seemingly small things mean a lot to men
These seemingly small things mean a lot to men

If we were only to stick to film and television when it comes to love and feelings, one might think that it is always only men who make romantic declarations of love. Just think of Teen Lover's boombox scene or the labels held up in Love Actually. In real, real life, there are not only sappy expressions of love far too seldom, the supposedly small gestures are also forgotten in the hectic pace of everyday life - especially when it comes to men.

Not only women are happy about compliments and small gifts in between. No matter whether you've been married for years or just recently together - men also deserve to feel unique and desired!

These 7 things make your partner incredibly happy

1. Compliment him

How did you get the idea that only women are happy to receive compliments? Does your partner smell good, look sexy, or just said something incredibly smart? Tell him. Men are just as insecure when it comes to their looks or demeanor. A compliment is good for EVERYONE!

2. Tell him that you appreciate what he does for you and your family

Your partner works a lot of overtime so that you can finally pay off your loan, always leaves you the green side of the Twinni, does the 5 o'clock diaper service so that you can turn around again and stays calm even with your mother's stupid question ? Men are still expected to "bring the rolls home". A print that is anything but easy. It's easy. Tell him you appreciate what he does. That you know how tough his role can be at times. It's not about the money. It's about appreciation. Something that society usually takes for granted.

3. Take your time

No. You don't owe your partner anything. In everyday stress, however, the desire for sex is sometimes simply lost. There are too many things that seem to be more important. Intimacy feels best when it's equal, mutual, and connecting. And that takes two!

4. Respect his me-time

Not always that easy. But we also often long for it: time to ourselves. It gets even more difficult if you don't see each other that often during the week, thanks to work and children. As long as your partner doesn't use their little alone time as an excuse to shirk their responsibilities, being alone is a pretty good thing. Believe us.

5. Put your cell phone down

Guilty as charged. There is still an e-mail, an SMS that needs to be answered. When eating together, however, it is simply important to put your cell phone down and be in the moment. Make a deal: the cell phone will be put away from 7:00 p.m.

6. Do you reward yourself? Do you reward him too?

Are you going to get a piece of cake somewhere after the office? Take one with you too! Are you making yourself a mug of tea? Ask if he wants one too. It's not about big, expensive gifts. It's about an attention. You know how much your boyfriend likes fucking labelless or a certain type of chip? Take it with you next time.

7. Look him in the eye

No. Not like a crazy serial killer. Just take a moment to connect with your partner. It's simple: look him in the eye. Smile. Complete. A gesture that is lost once you've been together for a long time.

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