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This is how you * finally * overcome your trust problems
This is how you * finally * overcome your trust problems

There's a reason you keep thinking your boyfriend is texting his ex when he isn't. What to do when you just can't trust …

5 tips on how to overcome trust problems and save your relationship!
5 tips on how to overcome trust problems and save your relationship!

It's a bit mean, but as is so often the case, the problems are deep inside you. Anyone who struggles with trust problems therefore usually has to learn to trust themselves before he or she can trust someone else completely …

Once upon a time, there was a person who screwed up and gave another person reason to distrust him. And from then on the widespread disease "trust problems" flourished. Around the world, in all beds, offices and even playgrounds on earth, a society that is built on problems of trust sits, stands and lies.

Why can't i trust

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. We have devoted a whole article HERE to the reasons.

How do you learn to trust?

That might sound a little exaggerated, but it's just like that. So for us today, trusting someone means trusting ourselves enough to give ourselves the way we are. I'm sorry, what?!?! So it means that I just have to say how I feel, what I think and what I want to make trust problems in my relationship go away?

Nice. It always starts with ourselves and how we react to what our partner is doing - consciously or unconsciously. It's actually only about * your * trust problems and to the same extent about your counterpart and * his * trust problems. Not about the matter itself. Now that that has been clarified: How do you get over this lack of trust when your thoughts are racing again? 5 tips!

"I just can't trust": 5 tips

1. Trust yourself

We've said it a few times before, but it's just the crux of the matter. How can you trust someone if you don't trust yourself?

2. Define what "trust" means to you

To you. And for your partner. We are not mind readers and neither is he or she. Ask a question, talk about trust, discuss it.

3. Look at yourself

Another nasty thing, but often we have problems trusting precisely when we are thinking about starting an affair … or have or have already had one. Ask yourself why you really can't trust. The honest answer might shock you … but it might also help you stop getting lost in crazy minds.

4. An open relationship

Yes! In terms of open, transparent communication. Stop hiding that you have problems with trust. Show yourself vulnerable, be honest. Even towards yourself.

5. Give trust to get trust

Giving trust for no consideration can be difficult, but it's like a gift that multiplies. However, whoever takes trust, but does not give anything back, violates all relationship rules.

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